Sunday, September 08, 2013

JJ Goes to School:On the Bus

After family pictures, it was time for all five of us to head across the street to the bus stop. Quite a crowd had gathered, including some other extra adults who were also sending their boy off for the first day.

JJ received much special attention, especially from sister who was more worried for him than he was. Her recess and lunch would be in a different yard, so she wouldn't be there to help him. And what if he got on the wrong bus after school? It does happen.

A blurry grandmother was also quite solicitous.

But, the boy was fine.

Soon it was time for the line to form.

Danica helped guide JJ to the bus.

Climbing the stairs to a fine education.

The adults lingered for a few minutes. Sunglasses may have helped some to hide a tear or two, but that wouldn't be anyone that I know.

Sue was doping a happy dance though.


KGMom said...

A rite of passage, eh? I find the big sister concern most touching (and very reminiscent for older sister myself).
So sweet to watch these kiddos grow up.
And I am just hoping that by the time our 8 month old granddaughter is ready for school that she and her parents will actually live on this side of the ocean.

Lorna said...

Danica has such a sweet expression while she's hovering.

Mary said...

I like Sue's happy dance. :)

Regenia said...

I do love that JJ has Danica's big sister and experienced student help! But it does seem like JJ is really quite proud of his new status as a school boy. Love all of it!

Zenkatt said...

Love the photo of Sue at the end! :-)
-Kathy trejo