Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Riverwood: Evening Photos Around the Planer Mill

I previously posted some early morning photos from our recent stay at the cottage, but I would hate to neglect evening.

Here are a few from in and around the planer mill.

The first was taken thru the screen and highlights both the sunset and the blooming goldenrod.

This is another view from a different window, showing part of the window frame this time. The house is off to the right.

One can sit in the rustic willow chair to enjoy the view.

Sue did just that for awhile, while waiting for the photographer to enjoy a glass of wine with her -- red for me please.

Sue moved the wine and a lantern to another spot, which was great for a still life.

From the outside looking in.

Finally: a view from the side toward the field.


Sue said...

Gorgeous photos!

Donna said...

These look like paintings Ac! Beautiful!!

Regenia said...

Oh wow!! These shouid be in a magazine. The only description I can think of is "perfect".

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's easy to see from these photos, why you enjoy your getaway to the cottage. Anyone (or all) of these would make wall art, and include one or more of the early morning shots as well. fYI, an online photo finisher, Winkflash, has a sale going on large canvas printed photos.

Gina said...

We always love Riverwood photos!