Friday, September 13, 2013

Evening at the Cottage

Let's return to the cottage one final time, shall we? Hmmmm? This time to look at more evening photos, but not of or near the planer mill.

I didn't realize that I had taken two versions of this first photo looking toward the garage but several nights apart. They were taken close to the same time, but the light was quite different.

Another photo of the same garage but from the other side of the fence: probably taken at about the same time as the first, above.

The same fence again, or part of it. The garage would have been to my left as I look toward the shed and barn.

On our last evening, the clouds suddenly lit up beautifully. The laneway from the road to the house is in the second photo, as is the house itself.

Speaking of the house, here are two night photos.

Now comes the real problem: with no kids about these days and being done with cottage photos, whatever will I blog about.

Perhaps silence would be good for the soul?


Mara said...

Oh my, that is a big question! You could of course take lots of absolutely gorgeous photos (which you do already) and post them! I wouldn't mind...

Regenia said...

They are all beautiful. The night sky lit up is really something!

Mary said...

Those clouds -- seriously!!

Hilary said...

It's lovely there. I love the light that you've captured. It makes me miss being at my new place all the more.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Surprised you had to question what you would do, John, these photographs are testament to your photo talents.