Friday, December 18, 2009

There is Hope

It's been a tough few weeks, but things are looking up around Anvilcloudia. Yesterday, we went into the city to do some shopping, and neither of us crashed. I was not in the position of barely being able to shuffle my feet around the stores but actually had some energy. After all that, as I was preparing a sandwich for light supper after lunching out, I actually caught myself whistling and feeling somewhat enlivened. Last night at bedtime, I began reading A Christmas Carol out loud to Cuppa. I had printed the thing off, from The Gutenberg Project, some time ago, but wasn't able to read it to her due to continual coughing fits (for puzzled newcomers: AC reading to Cuppa is our sometime, bedtime ritual). Today, the thought of shopping for a turkey and other necessaries doesn't daunt me out of hand. My nose has stopped running, and my throat is no longer screamingly sore — just somewhat sore. Finally, I am beginning day four of an antibiotic regimen and have some confidence that my infected ear will mend and unplug itself by Christmas. Phew!


Kathy Trejo said...

sending you and Cuppa a (((BigHug))) you two are so and your family i love. It's so nice to hear that all is well and going good. My daughter moved out last month...she is now on her own and she made her deadline...her goal was to be out of the nest by the time she hit 30...LOL...she'll be 30 this may. I'm feeling empty- nest syndrome...but I'll get through it... I'm wishing you two Happy Holidays and a wonderful new years.

lots of love,
Kathy Trejo

Mara said...

Phew indeed! I hope you will be able to celebrate Christmas with an unclogged nose, a clear throat and open ears!

Jinksy said...

Those are the worst afflictions at Christmas - sore throat can't sing carols, stuffy nose can't smell turkey and blocked ears can't hear Santa's reindeer bells! Poor, poor you - may they all disappear completely before next weekend!

Bernie said...

So glad you are on the mend A/C. So much to do at this time of year and if your not feeling well it just wouldn't do now would it.
....Enjoy your day...:-) Hugs

thailandchani said...

Glad you are getting better! Cloggy noses are no fun! :)


Donna said...

Thank Goodness you got some medication! Here's hoping you two are even More perky tomorrow!!
The Christmas Carole is the First thing I read each Christmas and Then I watch ALL the old movies! Love them!

Barry said...

I'm relieved to hear things are improving in Anvilcloudia! That has been a very stubborn and persistent sore throat!

KGMom said...

Sorry for the creeping crudness that is afflicting your household.
I do hope you keep on rebounding!

Lorna said...

Just caught up after my week away and my two days of catching up my sleep. I'm overwhelmed by your memories and your photos---they look and sound just like mine except you were a boy. And resembled Elvis more than I did.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are looking up for you there. Hang in there; Christmas is on its way. I love the Santa and the Christmas train. Reminds me.. I need to go purchase a copy of "Polar Express". I bought it for my grandson a couple of years ago, but I need a copy too. Hope you get to feeling better. Christmas bessings coming your way! The Bach

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that you and Cuppa are both feeling improved. Not a fun time..this flu stuff. Hopefully, come Christmas week, it will be a thing of the past.

Mary said...

AC, I know how nasty ear infections are and am glad you have antibiotics to make you feel better. I hope you and Cuppa are both feeling fine by Friday.

What a nice reading to Cuppa as a bedtime ritual.

Enjoy the week.

Woman in a Window said...

No fun being sick at Christmas. Hope you're all fixed up by then.