Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Passing Thoughts of a Sweaty Sicky

Call this post a stream of consciousness — of sort anyway. Or call it a lousy post if you insist.

  1. Last weekend it was green. This weekend, it is white. Very white. I like white. Some don't.

  2. Whatever this virus is, Cuppa and I are both dragging. As I sit here typing, I am almost in a puddle although the indoor temperature is less than 19°C/66°F. That should not cause one to boil. At the same temperature the other night, my teeth were chattering with chill whenever I had to get up.

  3. My throat has been very sore, and my left ear has been plugged for a week. Should I be worried? Should I go to the doctor who will say, "There's nothing we can do. Just wait it out."?

  4. I had a few hours of sleep last night, which is much better than none, but I'd really be grateful for just a little more.

  5. Cuppa and I dragged ourselves out to two stores yesterday. The intent was to do some Christmas shopping. We gave up in no time flat and came home empty handed.

  6. We didn't drag ourselves to the store today but did manage to go and give the grands a hug.

  7. Speaking of hugs, that's all we may be giving out for Christmas at this rate. Do they count?

  8. I finally wrote my Christmas letter and addressed Christmas cards. I guess I actually addressed the envelopes.

  9. I did not make my own Christmas card this year. I seemed to stop that practice when I started doing Christmas letters.

  10. I didn't write Christmas letters for a long time because I didn't want to write one of those self-congratulatory, braggadocios, nausea-inducing letters. I hope I am succeeding.

  11. For about a week I forgot that I had been reading Dan Brown's latest, The Lost Symbol, and I am not keen to resume. Make of that what you will.

  12. On the other hand I did just finish reading How Jesus Became Christian, by Barrie Wilson. Recommended for really open-minded searchers but not for most Christians who are happy in their beliefs. (That's not a slag if that's what it sounds like: just a frank statement.)

  13. My inlaws are heading to South Korea and China for three weeks. In my present state of health, I am happy not to be them right now.

  14. I would not be terribly keen to visit those places — unless someone were to top up my bank account with sufficient funds to cover business class flights among a few other comforts.

  15. They are going to visit their grandchild in Korea. I feel for them having Jinu so far away. I am so blessed to have my own grands so near.

  16. Grandparents I know will be snowbirding in Florida this winter, and they have a grandkid about the same age as Zach. We left Nikki Dee for three weeks when she was little. That was more than long enough. I'd rather hug my grand and endure winter than sit on a beach or play golf.

  17. I received a Christmas card from Donna, a Texan blogger. I appreciate it as I have a few others over the years. I have sent out a few in the past, but I decided not to send to bloggers this year. Please don't feel hurt.

  18. AC is so old that he remembers his mother putting two cents postage on Christmas cards: four cents if she sealed it. I don't know what it costs to send a card now. I think it's fifty-one cents.

  19. AC remembers stopping Cuppa in her tracks when they were first married by predicting that bread would soon cost more than a dollar a loaf. Oh for dollar-a-loaf bread nowadays.

  20. I just lifted up my arm. With these sweats that I've been experiencing, I really shoulda showered today. Fortunately, Cuppa's nose is too stuffed to notice.

  21. We will be having a sleepover at the kids' place tomorrow night for babysitting purposes. They will be partying late, so we'll crash there rather than stay up late — real late.

  22. I shovelled three or four times this week, but only one time might be considered heavy. Good Neighbour must also have come by with the snow blower once.

  23. It's the heavy stuff that the tractors dump at the end of the driveway that is the most difficult to manage.

  24. Some bloggers mentioned that my blog was loading slowly all of a sudden, so I did archive all music except the last one for now. I hope that helps. I assume that these folk were on dialup.

  25. I'm getting a bit woozy, and my heat is dissipating somewhat, so I'm going to head to bed.

  26. Actually I'll be kicking the cat off the Lazy Boy and starting the night off there. At some point, I will move to the guest bed. If Cuppa and I sleep together right now we'll keep each other awake with our coughing.

  27. I'm so glad I have now mentioned the coughing system, which I had neglected to mention. Until I mentioned it. Just now.

  28. I'm really going to stop now.


Mara said...

I hope you will feel better real soon! Beterschap from the Netherlands.

dabrah said...

You and Cuppa sound as if you're suffering a lot. I hope you start to feel better soon.
I've started a two-month journey around Australia and New Zealand. No grandchildren to leave behind, and my kids are joining me in Sydney for Christmas, but I'll be having a lazy holiday this year. I started a travel blog for the duration of the trip, which you can find at if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Hope you and Cuppa get to feeling better real soon. I've recently been told that if you rub Vick's vapor rub on the souls of your feet and put socks on it will stop your bedtime coughing. Souls of feet absorb oils. They say it works 100%. Can't wait to get a cold and have to try it... :)..
not really....take care and I hope you can get some shopping done real soon. The Bach

Barry said...

Sure hope you and Cuppa feel better soon. That sure sounds miserable.

I had to push myself to get about half way through Dan Brown's new book before it finally started to grab hold.

Ginnie said...

I can't imagine writing as much as you did while feeling so lousy. You are truly a blogger, through and through.
The only things missing were a bunch of photos showing your misery!
Hope you're both on the upswing.

Judy said...

Oh, DO get well soon. Please!

I could not leave the grand kids for long either.

I'm happy to send them home at the end of the day, but by morning I'm truly thankful that I can see them again!

Unknown said...

My best wishes for a speedy recovery for you and Cuppa! I gave up on Dan Brown's latest, but Barry toughed it out. I am missing your friendly comments on my blog. Rest, stay hydrated and Vitamin C. =D

Donna said...

Ahhh...This sound NotSoGood!!! Why not do This...Make an appointment...At least you'll Have it Sooner if you are still needing it. Sounds like with the fever AND Earache, you need an antibiotic big guy!! It's the earache that worries me...too close to the brain!!
Please just call...if you end up Not needing it, you can Always cancel it!((HUG))

Garnetrose said...

I hope you and Cuppa get to feeling better soon.

MARY G said...

You and Cuppa be careful - it is sometimes the secondary stuff that is a problem with this flu. Maybe you should make the trek to the doctor, definitely do so if you start having any shortness of breath. Please! Can't afford to do without you.

Anonymous said...

I did think you were rambling a little there from delusions but it came out alright. Like that story.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, loved this post. :-) Sorry that you and Cuppa are still feeling the effects from this bug. My only advise is this...if the respiratory issues worsen and your breathing starts to feel compromised in any way... head right to ER. Otherwise I fear you are right.. not much can be done for a virus that cannot be accomplished in your home. Rest, fluids, etc.

Sounds like you have much more snow than us. We have the cold but only a dusting of the white stuff.