Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Good Day Anticipated

This day, on years that it occurs, is certainly a favourite day of the season — a highly appreciated day anyway. Sometimes, it doesn't transpire in the way that I will describe because we have company in the house (and that's okay too), so it goes differently then, but we're back to just Cuppa and me this year. Yes, I speak of The-Cooking-of-the-Bird day.

Some years ago, in fact many years ago now, Cuppa decided that in order to relax and enjoy Christmas Day more, the turkey should be cooked ahead of time. It works well and never seems like warmed-up leftovers — not by any means. I pound the dried bread into stuffing crumbs while being serenaded by Christmas music, and Cuppa does all of the important skill-based stuff. If all holds true to form, as the day unfolds, I will at some point around midday head out into the cold and bring burgers and fries home for lunch. We seldom do this fast food meal but it always seems good and right on this day of the year.

It's a quiet, togetherly sort of day, and I like it.

I don't know if I'll be posting again before Christmas, so I take this opportunity to wish all a very Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea... cooking the bird before 'the day'. I must mention this to Roland. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh... and most importantly...

MARY G said...

Brilliant! But my family needs the house to smell like a turkey cooking on Christmas afternoon when they come in from skiing. I am never, never allowed to subtract traditions.
Best wishes to you and Cuppa for a wonderful Christmas.

Mara said...

Since I don't cook a bird at all (nor do my parents), I don't have much experience with all that. But I hope you will enjoy (or have enjoyed) your bird-cooking day, your burgers and fries and most of all, the company of Cuppa.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Christmas tradition in the making here. And I agree, it is nice to not be so rushed when it comes to preparing the big bird. LadyCat and I will join you and Cuppa for burgers! Warmest of Christmas Wishing and Holiday Cheer to you and yours!
The Bach

Anonymous said...

We don't do bird for Christmas. We do pig. You know good old southern country ham. We cure and cook our own hams. Best Merry Christmas wishes to you all.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Cooking the turkey early is a great idea. Leftovers are some of the best part of Christmas season.
I doubt in reheated meat from the bird qualifies as leftover.

It is a nice time to share the work with your mate. I always think of making stuffing as "man's work". It was the one thing my dad did with relish.

The only thing I would recommend is add mulled cider to the occasion. Even if you don't care to drink it, it makes the house smell so good.

I wish you a joyous Christmas season.

Ginnie said...

A very merry Christmas to you, my Canadian friend and to Cuppa. I enjoy your blogs very much.

Mary said...


Cooking the turkey ahead of time is a great idea. That would make Christmas a day when everyone can relax and still enjoy a good meal.

Merry Christmas to you, Cuppa and your loved ones.


ChrisB said...

Just wanted to wish you, Cuppa and your family a very Happy Christmas.

Janet said...

I'm the only one who eats turkey, so I just buy a little 3-pound breast and roast it. Then I have sandwiches for a while! Merry Christmas!

Donna said...

I hear you got a new 'puter from Santa! How Wonderful!!
Your day went Exactly like mine and Hubbys did!!
This was our first Christmas to wake up to Just, each other...We had a great day with Wonderful news at the end of the day that Crystal Will Not let me tell yet!LOL....Merry Christmas To You and Cuppa!!!hughugs

Lorna said...

It sounds like a lovely tradition. One year, we had a particularly hectic Christmas morn, and my mother, who was with us, seemed very tired. I came up with the wonderful suggestion that we delay our Christmas dinner to Boxing Day, when we would all feel refreshed, and promoted the idea of going out to dinner, or getting takeout. There was no takeout to be had. We ate pre-cooked roasts, pre-mashed, boxed potatoes and some pretty iffy salad from Shoppers Drug Mart.

It never became a tradition.

Ruth said...

I like this idea very much. But I seldom get the chance to have Christmas dinner at our house. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Bernie said...

Sounds like so much sister cooks her turkey the day before as well and then pops it into the oven for an hour on Christmas day and she is a wonderful cook.....I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas A/C, all the best to your family...Hugs