Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Last Man Standing ...

... is Now Lying Down

You know, I wasn't really bragging in my previous post when I mentioned that I seemed to be the only one of the clan not smitten by the current bugarious smiters. Really, I was just stating a fact. There really was no reason for the universe to decide to execute retribution upon my poor beleaguered bod. Really.

What can you do, eh? The bugarious smiters have struck where they always do — in my throat. Whatever else is to eventuate during my bouts of affliction, I can almost take it to the bank that The Grief will begin in my throat. It's very sore, and I'm very tired. Just for you, however, I'll be glad to post a blow-by-literal-blow description of Bugarion's progress into other regions of my bodily temple ... if you ask nicely.

However, whilst lying in a futile recuperative effort this afternoon, my spirits were somewhat buoyed to hear a blessed sound: a train whistle! Not long ago, I posted that the local trains stopped running sometime last spring and that I didn't expect them to ever recommence. Apparently they have, however, for Thesha heard one or two the other day, and I just heard my first. This is good: right? Just as long as one doesn't live too near the tracks, I suppose.

Because my blog got spammed today, I have enabled comment verification for the nonce. I don't love comment verification and think it unnecessary for the most part, but I think I should adopt it as a temporary measure and apologize for the inconvenience. I hope to be able to remove that restriction in a week or two.


Allyson said...

Yeah. I'm getting sick too .... I thought you guys said it was past the contagious part? I need to learn to go to CP in a plastic suit.

Bernie said...

Gosh A/C I am sorry you got the bug, it is making it's rounds through blogland....I know it took me 2 weeks to feel better and oh a train whistle would of made my head explode.
I too do not like the word verification but had to resort to it because of spam.
Get well soon, I know you are in good hands and cuppa will take very good care of you...:-) Hugs

Barry said...

Sorry your not feeling well and that you got spammed. Bummer.

Perhaps the train whistle was the sound of better things to come?

Diana said...

Hi AC,
I sorry to hear that the wretched bug creeped into your throat. Katie and I both went through that for almost two weeks. We're still taking antibiotics. Whether or not they are doing anything is another story!
Did you miss the train whistle? I don't even hear ours anymore, so used to it! Take good care AC.
Love Di

MARY G said...

Oh, dear! Be better soon. Beat the bug!
Yes, me too, for the love of train whistles. We don't get them here but used to, at a distance, where we lived in Ottawa. Lovely.
I had a spam attack, too. Seems to have gone away, so I have been able to take the verification thingie down.
Hot rum and lemon? You have to get some good out of this malady.

Col said...

Hope you are feeling better.

If you like trains.. you would love Winnipeg. trains, trains, everywhere.