Sunday, November 01, 2009

Silent Sunday

Some of the many faces of Zachary who is just a few days short of being nine months old. He's incredibly handsome and reminds me a lot of his Buppa. Not! :)

A Grand Time









Diana said...

Hi AC!
You two don't love that little baby at all do ya?
Love Di

Donna said...

He's growing SO Fast!! Has it already Been Nine Months??? My Word! Your photos are Gorgeous Ac!! I Love the clarity!!
Have a wonderful Sunday with your wonderful family!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Looks just like you, minus the whiskers, of course. Cuppa is a very pretty woman. Such beautiful skin.

Linda said...

Chubby cheeks get to me every time! MMMMMmmm!
He needs more kisses and hugs, definitely! =D

Mara said...

So, not dribbling all over then yet? ;)

Love the photos, he looks like a small boy already, how different to a few months back.

Lorna said...

Even drooling, that's a lovely little boy

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

He is a lovely wee fella. He will do well to grow up and become just like his Bubba. As for the two of you looking alike. . . humm. Do you drool? Perhaps, in your sleep.

Bernie said...

I wonder what he is thinking behind those big beautiful eyes...
he is so cute. Love the photos A/C and cuppa is lovely....:-) Hugs

ChrisB said...

He has a wonderfully expressive face. Cute pictures.