Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cat as Teacher and Director

I am quite used to Rocky, the cat, leading me to the kitchen multiple times daily. Except for first thing in the morning when he is on his quest for breakfast — tuna (shudder) — his heart's desire is a dish of cat milk. He meows, twists and turns, imploring me to follow. Which I do — obediently.

Yesterday, however, he led me through to the kitchen toward the back door. I both thought and said,"No way, Buster, you're not going out." But that wasn't his intent, for I was quite baffled when he sidled into the living room with more mewing, twisting, turning and imploring.

Frankly, I was flummoxed. What did the blasted feline want now?

Cuppa speculated that he might want me to sit down, so that he could sit on my lap.

I did. He did. Much contented purring ensued.

Whenever my hand would cease its caressing, I would be reminded of Cat's expectations, by a long-suffering stare: "Hey guy, I'm still here. Let's get with the program." And I do.


jinksy said...

I think he has you marked as a soft touch - in more ways than one!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is good to read about a well trained owner of a pet.

Bernie said...

Oh your cat knows a kind hand now doesn't he....Hugs

Mara said...

They say you own a dog but are owned by a cat. How true!

Anonymous said...

You are so good to those you love.
I can't believe you don't know what an oater is. I didn't either until I started to work crossword puzzles every day. An oater is a western movie. Get it horses, oats. It is not in the dictionary and I don't know the origin of the word. When I was watching oaters at Saturday matinees I didn't know I was watching an oater. It is only recently that word has been routine in puzzles.

Christine said...

Have not posted comment before but read and enjoy your writings regularly.
Think your cat must have been viewing a Garfield cartoon for 25th on healthymomentum blogspot!!Do take a look if you have time.. Sorry can't do links, but think it will bring a chuckle.
UK ,sunny! at last

Diana said...

It seems that the kitty knows the right strings to pull!
Love Di

Christine said...

Oops! Sorry Here is an amended PS from Chris as I know my info above will not link to the cartoon.
Try googling
healthy momentum:happy thanksgiving
That should work.

Will try a link as well but my tech skills are not great
Apologies again

Mary said...

AC, it seems your cat has you trained as well as Dakota does us. But really, our pets bring us unconditional love and the bond between human and animal is strong. Enjoy your time relaxing with kitty on your lap. Animals are very therapeutic.