Tuesday, November 03, 2009


We arrived at the site of the clinic yester morn before 6 o'clock and sat in the dark for awhile before the full moon began to set toward the west at the same time that the sun was beginning to rise in the east. A little while later, at 8 o'clock, I wandered to the other side of the parking lot to take this picture of the sun beginning to light these two trees.

At that time, after two hours of waiting there were still relatively few people in line, but by an hour later, the line was growing apace, and by the time I had to leave, just past 10 o'clock, it was twice as long as what you see below.

A lot of people were there with there kids, and you might wonder why that might not work for us. Well, it's not because of the baby, Zachary, so much as it is due to the older one, Nikki Dee. While all sorts of children might be content to sit contentedly and amuse themselves with quiet pursuits, I figured that my dear ND would have be running up and down, trying to make friends with everyone and endeavouring to hug various aghast children to pieces.

So, we tried to time her arrival to just before they opened the clinic for the shots. While we weren't totally successful, we were able to eliminate prolonged hours of trying to herd her. She says "Hi" to one and all, and normal children simply don't know what to make of her: for example, this pair at the park yesterday. They were already playing with their Daddy on the contraption that you see below. Well, the girl got up to leave as soon as ND arrived on the scene. The boy stayed for awhile whilst Buppa bounced them both but was quite eager to vacate after a few smothering hugs from ND: hugs which we, sadly, did not catch on camera.

Just to confirm my suspicions, I asked Cuppa how Nikki Dee deported herself in the line in my absence. Just as I thought, she felt it her duty roam all over the place asking who this was and who that was and basically unnerving many quieter children.

She means well, you know, just wants to be everybody's friend and assumes that everyone must feel the same way about her. It hurts her Buppa to realize the lessons that she will have to learn in discovering that this is not so. However, I think this picture that we took at the park yesterday afternoon, after all of the morning's fuss, is very appropriate: as beams of sunshine are illuminating this little angel.

As she would ask, "Do you see that?"


KGMom said...

A well-loved child with an outgoing personality has the confidence to be friend to all.
Good she has protective angels (aka grandparents) to help protect her.

Barry said...

The last picture is truly beautiful. Have you ever thought that ND is normal and its the rest of the world that's out of kilter?

Maybe we're the ones who need to learn a lesson from her?

Donna said...

Ahhhh...makes me want 'ta Cry!!hahaa...I was just like her...I could Never understand why the whole world wasn't laughing and playing with me. That last shot really brings it home...Hug her for Me please!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Oh the Lord is saying "Yes this is my little ambassador of love that I am shining on. Go about the world making happiness and sunshine." You know how to show her in her best light.

Mary said...


That line isn't too long. How long did they have to wait after the kids arrived?

It's difficult for children who are very social, like your ND, to realize that not all children feel the way she does. Yes, they have to learn and the lessons aren't easy. Jordan is also this type of child, while Brandon, who has Asperger's, couldn't care less if he ever talked to anyone other than those close to him. He finally has a couple of friends at school, but for the most part he is a loner. Both situations make it difficult. Praying for your ND.

Love the photo of ND in the sun rays. Enjoy your day.


Judy said...

Oh, wow.

That last picture.

It says it ALL.

So the little mortals don't 'get' your ND. Yet heaven obviously shines on her.

Lorna said...

I think barry said it all.

Diana said...

I was just the opposite of Nikki Dee. I would cry if anyone tried to talk to me from being so shy.

I don't know what or when it happened but I'll talk to just about anyone now!

I love it when little children are out going like Nikki Dee. They say the most interesting things!

Love the photo with the sunbeams shining down on her. This is priceless.
Love Di

Amanda said...

Love the picture of the little one AC!

Bernie said...

Oh A/C I was exactly like ND, and honestly I still am....I have yet to meet anyone I don't like, I thinks it's called the need to please and yes we do get hurt once in a while but I would rather love everyone and take the chance of being hurt then miss out on all the wonderful, beautiful people I have met.....Nicky Dee will be just fine A/C and her life will be full of love and caring people...
What wonderful grandparents you and cuppa are....:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Our little Zach is the same.. he just loves to meet and play with other kids and heads towards them like a magnet. :-)

Heather Plett said...

She reminds me of Maddie at that age, though Maddie has become much more reserved since being in school.