Thursday, November 05, 2009

Positive and Unexpected Customer Service

Since I had to go out around lunch time yesterday, and since I had a yen for a burger, and since Cuppa wasn't home to share crackers and cheese with, I stopped at Harveys for lunch yesterday. It's a Canadian burger chain, maybe just southern Ontario for all I know, but in some ways it's the only option in our town.

We do have a McDonalds inside Walmart here, but inside Walmart is not a real McDonalds in my opinion. Besides, I can only appreciate The Home of the Big Mac a few times a year, so Mickey D's is pretty well out for me for the next little while. We had a very good, independent local burger joint, but it sold, and I am less enthusiastic about the new management. So, until the new A&W opens, it's pretty well down to Harveys or nobody.

Therefore, to Harveys I went, and I must say that it was a very positive experience for a lowly burger joint, and it wasn't because of the food. The owner (I presume) was on the line and happily chatting up us customers. He appeared to be so happy and was so upbeat, that I felt good about being there.

Later, he, and not a min-wage, kid helper cleared my table with more upbeat chatter about the newspaper that I was reading. He bustled off encouraging me to stay as long as I wished and hoping that I had more room to enjoy my reading now that my place was cleared.

The food wasn't anything to write about, but it did satisfy an urge that I won't feel the need to indulge again for a while. However, I certainly appreciated meeting such an ebullient server/owner in a burger joint of all places. People like that are totally opposite to me; maybe that's why I appreciate them so much.


Barry said...

Of all the burger joints, I like Harvey's the best. Somehow it seems more real.

Or maybe I just like their commercials.

Diana said...

Oh yes it is so difficult to find good customer service these days. When I find it, I cherish it for sure! Love Di

Mara said...

The nearest hamburger place where I live is 20 km for a MacDonalds or 30 km for a Burger King. Not owning a car makes it a bit harder to get to either one, but occasionally I am close to one and will indulge. Not as often as I used to though.
I used to live in a small village in England and whenever we had been out in a nearby town, we would head to the local burger place (middle of the night) and there they would make your burger to your own specifications.
I am nearly dribbling now...

Anonymous said...

Sorry you lost your favorite burger place. We have no Harvey's just Arby's and 50 other places. Just about 100 days til the big O. I can hardly wait. I love them and watch it all. Will your folks be going?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this energetic soul has any idea how infectious his positive attitude is (especially in the morning). Good for him!!

Donna said...

I can't imagine you seeing someone who needed some cheering up and and Not saying anything!
When a customer comes in here, you can always tell what kind of day they're having (needing parts for a plbg repair) and I try to do the chatter thing...Usually, it helps...but not always...hahaa...Some people are just plain old Sour!
Customer service is THE most important thing to stay in business..We've been here almost 55yrs...knock on wood!hahaa...hughugs

Mary G said...

Yes, indeed. Me too. I sometimes even give my patronage to the sad little joint inside Walmart.
It's great when someone serving you actually relates to you. Good for him.
You've made me hungry, drat it all.

Bernie said...

Now I am going to go have a burger for is nice to have a warm and friendly person serve you isn't it.......:-) Hugs

Ruth said...

Harveys has the best veggie burger around and I like selecting my toppings. Subway is my first choice for fast food sandwiches.