Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm in a State ...

... of pi$$edoffedness this morning, partly due to the H1N1 clinic fiasco and partly due to melted butter.

How are the clinics going in your locale? Here, they're nuts: people line up and pass their germs back and forth for hours and hours and then they are sent home with their shot because the vaccine has run out. What a mess! That's in the city, but the thing is, there's going to be a local one here in the boonies next week, and we'll have to be part of the chaos, and that doesn't make me happy. This round will be for the younger kids like Nikki Dee and Zachary, who are considered to be a priority. While I'd go to the wall for these two, it still irks me that I have to. Around here, doctors give the normal flu shots in their offices: a rather sane solution where appointments can be made and lineups avoided. But that's not the way the H1N1 is being handled, at least at this point. Sigh. Grouse. Fume. Sizzle.

However, of much greater significance (kidding) is the fact that I melted butter in the microwave this morning. I couldn't remember how to set both the power level and timer, and I reduced the butter to oil in my vain efforts. I don't really care about a quarter block of melted butter, but I do care that I couldn't figure out how to set than infernal machine. My stupidity drives me crazy sometimes — er, crazier.

That's it: two irks for this jerk this morning.

Oh ... and did I mention in passing (well, I am now) that it's raining again? Thesha posed a question on Twitter, "When was the last day that it didn't rain?" My answer: "Last winter, on the last day that it snowed."


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Calm down! Take a Vallium.

I can't believe the miscalculations on distributing the vaccines. I was ridiculing my American friends for their long lines and insufficient vaccine. Now I feel I need to "eat crow."

I was told they are coming to our little hamlet November 13 to give us the injections of vaccine. Someone in this area seems to have a plan. I can wait.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

PS: Now you have all that drawn butter go and buy some lobsters to eat with it.

Anonymous said...

We are all joining Rudee's quack, quack, quacktogether party in Michigan. Come on over and wear your goulashes. Are you familiar with that word?

Anonymous said...

oops made an error. Galoshes. Rain boots,not goulashes, soup or stew.

Donna said...

The key word Here is..."government run"...They brought in about 2ooo injections here in Waco for a city the size of 130,000!! No one in line Anywhere that we could see...We Texans have just Not jumped on the "You GOTTA get it" band wagon...Professionally speaking...the regular old Flu vaccine should be just fine. You can even get the pneumonia vac if necessary. The testing on the new N1H1 is Nil...I worry about all those pregnant mothers and the unknown side effects. Just south of us in Austin, there was a "batch" of experimental viruses stolen from a lab about 6 months ago...This is happening TOO often to suit me....
Just stick that butter back in the fridge and start all could probably even whip it after it chills a bit!!hughugs

Barry said...

I think two irks a day are enough, or should be.

You've used up your quota now, so the rest of the day should go well.

I agree the entire H1N1 immunization protocol is a disaster. Maybe you local clinic will be better run.

Mary G said...

I wore galloshes (sp?) as a kid.
Our H1N1 is equally a s***up; we are having to send our primary health care staff to the clinic to get their shots; the Health Unit is not allowed to break up the shipments so as to give us our own. Words fail me.
Ghee, that's what you've got. Make Butter Chicken.
It had better stop raining before the kids start on their rounds; I am calling on the Great Pumpkin to co-operate. Not to mention the wind -- Little Stuff has a huge witch hat and is going to blow around the neighbourhood, no doubt about it. At least it is not wings this year.

Bernie said...

Same here with the H1N1 set up...they should never have used the honor system, people are in line when they should wait until all the priorities should be first, I do feel it could of been done so much better. My doctor was telling me that in this case we can't blame government as when asked about the numbers for calculations more people said no they wouldn't take the shot and then when it was available everyone showed up.....let's hope it gets to those who really should have it first.
Hope your day is going better,ahhh have you thought to read the "book" that comes with the microwave, really helps....LOL
Happy Halloween....:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

irked, are you? pissed off, are you?
How unCanadian.

Diana said...

Hi AC,
I get to go wait in line with Katie on November 9th!
Don't feel bad about the microwave AC. The power level thing isn't something that we do everyday so it can be hard to remember how.
I always have to stare at the microwave for a minute or two before I remember how to do it!
Love Di

Kila said...

Someone needs a ray of sunshine!

Not even bothering with the vaccines, but I hear it's nuts here also.