Sunday, November 15, 2009

Of Carols and Dilemmas

It was less than a week ago that I posted about getting my iPod ready for Christmas music but that I wasn't ready to listen yet. Well, things sure changed quickly. I first gave in during that somewhat sleepless night that I had, and then The Bonnie Wee One took me the rest of the way.

What the picture below shows is Nikki Dee nestling against me. What it doesn't show is that Jingle Bells by BoneyM was being played ... over and over and over again. She began by just listening and dancing solo for quite awhile before migrating to my lap where she stayed for a very, very long time in various positions and contortions. We were playing the song from iTunes over the computer, and she was also fascinated by the visualizations. She can be a going concern, flitting from this activity to that, but it was amazing how long she was content to sit with Bups and listen and watch. And I am only referring to one session right now, not the other two of the same day. I mean to say that I quite like both BoneyM and Jingle Bells, but really now.

But that's not the dilemma I referred to in the title. No, it's more serious than that.

In the previous post, I mentioned how she fussed while we were in the car, not wanting to go home but very keen to go to "Buppa House". That was Thursday, so we brought her home on Friday afternoon, and kept her until Saturday evening. She was absolutely delightful during her stay, but it was difficult to know how to get her home without causing a meltdown. I wouldn't describe these meltdowns as temper tantrums either because the kid is absolutely crushed and breaking her heart over having to leave us. The heartbreak is quite genuine, I'm afraid.

She's clever too. During the day on Saturday, she wouldn't even consider going shopping with Buppa because that would mean getting in the car, and who knows whether Buppa might then take her home. The little blighter knows it's out of her control then.

In the end, we thought it would be easiest if Mom were to pick her up. We were wrong. Nothing is easy, and poor Buppa and Amma were almost crushed to see her in such a woebegone state. We don't know what to do about the heartbreak. It's almost easier on all of us if we don't see her in the first place, but that's not the answer either. It's quite a dilemma, I tell ya.


Mara said...

I bet that when she's eighty and she will hear Jingle Bells by Boney M, she will immediately remember those sessions with Buppa!

Barry said...

My niece used to be like that when she was that age and came to visit us. She was an only child and loved playing with our two girls.

Until it came time to go home. It was heartbreaking.

Diana said...

It will pass AC,But it is heartbreaking.Don't feel too bad ,
I started listening to Christmas music the other day of my own free will! Love Di

Donna said...

I hate to tell y'all this, but she Already "has your number!!"
Hahaaa...Sorry!! It's normal! Try not to cave in too much though...Just let her know that her Mom and Dad have the final say in Everything...Makes it easier on her parents later on down the line. My parents didn't do that with my son (their first grandchild) and it had nightmare results...hand in there!hughugs

thailandchani said...

"By The Rivers of Babylon" by BoneyM is one of my favorites! I honestly don't think I've ever seen anyone mention BoneyM before. :)


Mary G said...

Much as I hate to say this, you just have to ignore the meltdown. In my experience all kids have a few at the age your adorable little on is at.
When she gets a little older and understands the passage of time better, you can tell her how long she is going to be with you and that will help.
In the meantime, yes, heartstrings are being ripped up and you just hate to see the little one so sad. I am with you on that.

Judy said...

Poor little girl.

What a treasure she has, feeling so secure with you two, too!

Seriously. How many little girls are loved as dearly? She knows a good thing when she sees one.

Lorna said...

Love it while you have it.

Anonymous said...

This would be a toughie... not sure that I have any advise.. but I certainly understand the dilemma.

Ginnie said...

Being loved so much can have it's drawbacks...but just think of the alternative ! I imagine there's a bit of craftiness on her part too, she knows who will always be there for her.