Monday, November 02, 2009

Today at the H1N1 Vaccination Clinic

It's almost 11:00 AM, so the two grands should be getting their shots very soon. I can't say that I'm too sorry to miss the trauma of the needles going in, but I had to leave the lineup, so Thesha could have my parking spot. Otherwise, she would have had to park way way way out on the road and walk the kids, and that would have been problematic.

However, Cuppa and I had our choice of spots when we arrived before six o'clock this morning, but between nine and ten o'clock the lot was jammed and cars were lined up and down the road. It was a big parking lot, but it was still full, and the lineup went all of the way around the lot. The shots are to begin at 11:00, and I expect the parking lot mayhem to actually get worse as cars will be moving in both directions after that.

Some people can be very rude and inconsiderate. One person, a public health nurse, I suspect, managed to block the driveway in front of the door by abandoning her car there, which won't help the congestion at all. As long as it made life convenient for her, I guess. I would probably feel some satisfaction at keying that car. It would have been a deserved outcome for sure.

In the end, the morning went fairly quickly for Cuppa and me, and at least Mom and grands didn't have to lineup forever and then possibly be turned away. Apparently, that's happened quite a bit in this area. At this point, only priority groups are being targetted, but the lists of priority groups are so long, that the turnouts are still huge.

I'm not sure whether I will want repeat the procedure when the vaccination clinics are opened for the rest of us. For the grands, yes; for me, I just don't know. Maybe though: as it meant two rounds of coffee from Tims and on takeout breakfast sandwich. Cuppa always says, "We're making a memory," and it's true that you can make almost any occasion into a pleasant event if you put yourself in the right frame of mind. She's good at helping me to see life in that light, even though it's not always my first inclination — which is to grouse and complain like I did in this space just the other morning.


Barry said...

It appears the innoculation program is a poorly thought out and risky program with thousands of "at risk" people forced to line up with equally "at risk" people for hours in inclement conditions.

I'm glad your family survived the ordeal.

Lorna said...

I'm not in the at risk category, so I'm waiting until they bring it to my apartment...

jinksy said...

I'm pretty sure it's still grouse season in England! :)

Bernie said...

I have mixed emotions about this shot, the line ups are the same here as well A/C, I do think the organization of administrating this medication was very poorly thought out....I only hope those who need it get it.....:-) Hugs

Mary said...


Here they turned the closed walk-in clinic into a vaccine clinic. Only priority patients can get the shot but they have to have an appointment, so that helps keep the chaos at bay. I was past the clinic the other day and no line ups, so that is a plus.

I'm not sure I'm going to do the vaccine. I don't think they have enough research on it to know what side effects it could cause in the long term. I'm still mulling it over.

Loved the photos of both the kids. They are adorable.

You and Cuppa are terrific grandparents, going out so early to keep a spot for the kids.

Wishing you a great week.

Diana said...

I have to take Katie next week and I am sooo dreading this. I can't stand for very long without a lot of pain. Maybe I should take a chair!!
Love Di

Anonymous said...

My grandkids have received their shots as well. We were lucky to miss the long lines.. but they are definitely here now.