Thursday, March 01, 2007

Luckless in Lanark

It's an odd little life, isn't it? Just today, I was thinking about luck and how some people have it and some don't. I was thinking of it in terms of such things as games of chance, including lotteries and draws. I don't really consider myself lucky in these areas although but random flares (not lightning, surely) do light up my sky from time to time. In many ways, such as career, marriage, and children, I have lived what some might see as a charmed life, but I don't think most of that is really luck. I think it has more to do with being perceptive and using a modicum of wisdom in one's choices. Maybe not, but that's how I tend to think of it.

Linedancing here is free, but they have a little 50/50 draw every week. They sell one ticket for two bucks or three for five, and because both Cuppa and I are able to take advantage of the free night out, I feel duty-bound to buy three tickets every week — every week for well over a year now. They sell maybe 40 tickets give or take, so we purchase almost 10% of the total — or 7.5% if you insist on being a stickler for accuracy. So, you'd think we might win about once every three months or so. Nope! We have only one measly win in our sixteen months. Only one win when I think the odds-gods should have favoured us five times. There are people who buy one ticket per week and win somewhat regularly, but not old AC or his Cuppa. Nosiree. Heck, the prize was even on the low side on the week when we finally won about four months ago on about our first anniversary of attendance.

We also used to have a 50/50 draw at the school where I taught. They sold about a hundred tickets per week, but they had three prizes each week so the odds weren't that terrible. In addition to the regular weekly, they'd have a extravaganza at Christmas where they would draw for many, many prizes at Christmas. I'm not sure if I ever one more than once a year, and it was usually the third place, weekly consolation prize of ten dollars. Once again, there were some who won five or six times in the course of a year.

Then, there's the Tim's Roll up the Rim contest this time every year. Like most Canadians I find myself there on a semi-regular basis and had yet to win: no car, no plasma TV, no bicycle, no donut, not even a blinkin' cup of coffee. Cuppa has one the odd donut or coffee, but even her rate is probably less than one win per year.

This year's contest just began, and my first cup was the usual loser (see photo below). On the heels of another loss at linedancing the other night, I couldn't help but ponder all of the above ... and more ... such as our neighbour winning a trip to Ireland from a concert that she didn't attend but that I did attend. But, you see, I am even unlucky in blogdom because I picked up a coffee on the way home from my music lesson today. Wouldn't you know it? After all of these musings, I won a cup of coffee. Of all the rotten luck. Now I can't even blog about my lack of luck. So, I have no idea what to write about. Any suggestions?

PS: Lanark is the name of our county.


Coll said...

A/C.. this is too funny. :-). What bad luck to have won on today of all days.

I once won a door at the yearly Home and Garden Show. On admission everyone was given a key. The line up to try to unlock the door was huge. Wouldn't you know it.. my key unlocked the door. I won a beautiful front door for our home. I think that is about the only thing I have ever won... but it sure was exciting.

mreddie said...

That was tough, winning a cup of coffee just to take the steam out of your blog. The last thing I won was at Bingo - 1962. ec

Laurie said...

The only thing I had ever won until last year was a pair of earrings in the shape of a cowboy boot. And I didn't even have pierced ears at the time.

Then last year, right before Christmas, we went to the local tavern for a hot chocolate after working outside all day in the cold. They do something called "Shake-a-day" where you put in 50 cents and shake a cup that holds 5 dice one time, then you dump them out on the counter. If you get all five of the same number, you win the pot. Well I shook out 5 naturals (that's dice talk for ones--I didn't know either) and the pot was $500.00!

I had never even played the game before. So you see, your luck may change...I hope so!

Loner said...

I dont' even bother with the raffle tickets any more - I never win those kind of things either - though I always get a free diet coke when McDonalds has the Monopoly game!

Lynn said...

I guess I won't be asking you who to bet on in this weekend's English soccer games.

Look at it this way. Your luck is bound to change, for things have a tendency to even out.

Granny said...

I don't do the Lotto here. It would be less frustrating to just mail the State of California a check.

Do enjoy a game of bingo now and again though even though I can't remember every winning.

I did win a barbecue grill once though as a company picnic door prize. I think it was 25 years ago.

We had no place to use it in downtown San Francisco (and no vehicle in which to transport it to the nearest park). I finally gave it to my son.

karla said...

Ah yes, roll up the rim. I remember the first year it came out I seemed to win a coffee or donut on a regular basis (a marketing tactic to get us hooked no doubt), but every year after that I won maybe a coffee, if that. BUT - I keep going back and each and every time I hope for that darn car.