Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For the Birds

The Robin Flew Away

I don't see a robin. Do you see a robin? Oh, we saw one last Thursday and again on Friday, and on that Friday I scurried to get my camera. Of course, just as I was getting focussed, the *&%$ bird flew away. But I left my camera right there by the bedroom window to make sure to capture him the next time he showed up. Today, I gave up. *&%$ bird.

But the relevant point is that they have returned. So have the Canadian Geese (Canada Gooses?), but I don't have a picture of them either. I took a few, but they were either boring or blurry or both. Cuppa noticed a redwinged blackbird today, and Thesha has crocuses coming up, so Spring is definitely here, and life is good.

Yes, it's good, especially tonight, because I have my computer back. You may not have noticed that it was gone because I was faking it pretty well, but I took it in last Thursday, and they called today (Wednesday) saying it was ready. That's not a terrible turn-around time when you consider that they had to send it to Montreal for servicing. That's where Staples does its extended warranty work, at least for this region.

I was skeptical when they told me that all they did was clean it, but it seems to have resolved my problem. I performed the one function that would previously be sure to crash the machine, and it didn't, so we'll pronounce it fixed. In the interim, I was getting around to at least some of your blogs on a hit and miss basis, but I left even fewer comments than usual. Sorry about that, eh?

Hah! I just found this photo from one of my Flickr buddies, kiwêhowin (Heather), who lives further north than I, but I'm not exactly sure where. Spring is springing up there too! Nicely done, Heather.


Kila said...

Very exciting. Robins were first spotted here in Wisconsin about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I've seen a few recently. And there are tons of Canadian geese around here.

PBS said...

"You see robins" ha ha! We haven't seen a robin here yet. It's been cold and windy though, so I hope they don't come yet, poor things.

Pam said...

We sometimes have robins in our yard year round because of a constantly running spring sitting low in our hollow. The ground doesn't freeze, so they can find bugs and worms, and there is plenty of water. Plenty of %#@* robins here!

karla said...

As crazy as it sounds, I think I would feel naked without my computer for that long.

I woke up on Monday morning and while I was feeding Nate I heard it, the sounds of birds chirping. It was like music to my ears. The nice weather is finally here!

ChrisB said...

Nice spring photos where ever they come from!!

Heather said...

Thanks for posting my shot! I likely don't live much further north than you (Southern Sask), but we live right under a major migratory flight path. It has its advantages.

Gina said...

And here I thought you just didn't like me very much anymore! ;)

Glad you got your 'puter fixed!

That is a nice shot of the branches, by the way. And I'm not being sarcastic.

Dale said...

Sorry you missed the Robin shot, AC. Nature photography requires the patience of Job. Oh and btw, they're "Canada" geese. Critter's don't hold much stock in nationality. They're found throughout the U.S. as well. Even Europe, I think. They're a bloody nuisance here in T.O.

Thailand Gal said...

Nice photos.. as always.

Speaking of computers, I have been meaning to ask you for a long time how you make these templates. Can you direct me?

Glad your computer stuff was solved by a cleaning. Reminds me to get out the can of air and give mine a good go-over. LOL



Tim Rice said...

Isn't it wonderful to see the signs of Spring return!

And aren't birds hard creatures to photograph!

Ginnie said...

I think "your" robins have been down visiting me...I went out and told them to go back North, so just be patient.

Laurie said...

How nice that you have your computer back!

Hayden said...

although we don't get your hard winters here (in SF) we can't plant yet either - ground is still sodden. So the birds and the blossoms console, but we still can't tiptoe into the garden proper. It's on its own for another two weeks.