Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baby Thoughts

Here I am, where I often am in the morning, reading blogs and, occasionally, looking out the window. I expect to see weather out there this morning, but I don't. So far today, yet another weather warning is bypassing us. The Weather Network has been predicting freezing rain this morning, but it had better happen soon because morning is slipping rapidly away. If freezing rain doesn't eventuate, I hope that their next prediction does — warmer weather beginning with some normal rain this afternoon. Please may it be so.

Speaking of blogs, I just read Pearl's most recent post, Born That Way?, which was mainly a link to Nordette's, Are babies really born a blank slate? Of course they're not, but these blogs caused memories to surface.

With Smudge's arrival only a month away, I have been wondering what she'll be like. Will she be a placid little thing like her mother or a going-concern like her daddy, or will be be something altogether different? Will she be a quiet, doll-loving girl like Mom, or a more active sports-minded girl like Auntie? The differences between the two are rather remarkable and the type of thing which Nordette spoke of with her two kids.

Saturday morning is not the time to write a complete history, but let me share one difference between mom-to-be, Thesha (which is what I now propose to call daughter #1 who has previously been known as Butterfly), and Althegal (daughter #2, previously Bug or Lady Bug).

When we first got Thesha home on Christmas Day way back then in the mists of time, we were soon totally flummoxed. She wasn't at all happy, and we didn't know what to do with her. Rocking her, changing her, attempting to feed her produced no results. Then, MIL arrived with Christmas dinner and much expertise. That was one time that I was glad to see MIL, and she didn't disappoint. She took the disconsolate Thesha upstairs and came back down alone in ten or twenty minutes or whatever. Baby was asleep. Young parents were greatly relieved.

MIL explained the proper way to handle this baby. Wrap and hold her very tightly and rock her furiously as if you were trying to timewarp her, you and rocking chair into the next century. Strange but true! It worked a like a charm with Thesha. For whatever reason, it was exactly what she wanted. When we'd take her for walks in her carriage, we would furiously bounce it and her up and down ... and she'd be lulled to sleep.

Six years later, baby #2, Althegal, joined our family. We soon discovered that all babies were not the same. When I first wrapped Althegal tightly and began to rock frenetically, her petrified and frantic screaming quickly alerted me that such shenanigans were totally unacceptable. This was most definitely not how she wanted to be treated. Not in the least. No, Althegal wanted gentle cuddling and rocking. Oddly enough, she turned out to be the more active of the two, but that's enough recounting for the nonce.

And so, I eagerly wait to get to know Smudge and learn about her. Will she be quiet or boisterous, studious or rambunctious, musical or athletic? I look forward to getting to know her and appreciating whatever and whoever she is.


Granny said...

They're definitely all different. Just when you think you have it all figured out, it changes with the next child to come along.

Pam said...

My grandson's favorite place was in his little baby seat on top of the washing machine. Go figure.

Gina said...

Mr. P HATED to be swaddled. All the nurses and my mom and my grandma and anyone else in the vicinity kept telling me to swaddle him. So, I listened to him and not them, which turned out to be the smarter move. After all, he was a lot louder!

Dale said...

Up and down.
Black and white.
Hard and soft.

Dan and Meagan.

There is wonder in the mystery of it.

marmalade said...

i can't wait for the new baby! i'm so excited for you guys!!!!

both of your daughters have inspired me, just as you and cuppa have. i can't wait to meet the newest member of your family. if shes anythig like any of you, we all have a lot of to look forward to!

missing you all and glad to hear that all is well. hugs.

Laurie said...

My son fell to sleep whenever he was in his carseat or baby swing. He also loved to be held and read to. Even as an infant he would sit for hours listening to mom or I read.

Pearl said...

Fascinating additions to the whole babies are different idea. Love the stories of your two.

Coll said...

To this day I am amazed and often a little bewildered at how different my two boys are. Sometimes it is hard to believe that they have the same parentage.

I so understand your excitement about meeting Smudge. Such a miracle.

Thailand Gal said...

It seems they have individual personalities from birth. Each little soul comes for his or her own reason. Parents have to solve that mystery, right along with the kids. :)



momto3cubs said...

My 3 boys are all quite different from each other.

How exciting, the anticipation of a new family member! I have a little 3 month old niece, and it's such fun to watch her grow, and wonder what she'll be like in the years to come.

pupski said...

This brought back memories of when my son was tiny - he too liked to be wrapped tightly - almost as if he wasn't yet ready to be out of the womb.

I hope everything goes well - what an exciting time...

PBS said...

How exciting to (soon) be welcoming a new life into the world! My son liked to be tightly swaddled, and like every other baby I've known, was his own little person from the very beginning.