Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blackbirds and Bicycles

In light of the choir fiasco last night (see previous entry), Cuppa determined that she should take me out for an appeasement breakfast this morning, just a breakfast sandwich and coffee from Tims taken to the riverside. It's nice and sunny out there, but the temperatures are on the low side, about 34°F now and only going up to about 43°F. While that's not exactly tropical, it's not windy, and we may get the bicycles out. We're thinking it over at least.

Usually, we get out a few times in March, but the weather hasn't been conducive this year. On the few occasions that the temperatures have begun to even approach accommodation, the winds have been too strong. While today's temperatures aren't terribly appealing, the sun is out and the winds are down, so we might possibly manage a short ride if we're well-bundled. We shall see.

Whatever we decide, spring has sprung. In a recent post I mentioned the sighting of Red-winged Blackbirds. As synchronicity would have it, I discovered the above photo on Doris' (neither Doris's not Doris'es looks right to me) photos site yesterday. She honoured me with posting privileges, so that's what I have done as I have done before.

Meanwhile: to bike or not to bike?


Cathy said...

I went to Doris' gallery. Wow. Did you notice that that blackbird has been banded?

Gina said...

If you have the proper gear and clothing, I say bike, at least for a little bit.

I can't see the picture! :(

Pam said...

My computer won't allow me to see the picture. Hmmm...
Hope you got to bike...sounds great to me.

ChrisB said...

Breakfast out sounds good even if it was 'appeasement'. A bike ride on a sunny day sounds even better.