Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Light and Shadow

One doesn't want to get too optimistic and excited at this time of year, but a hint of spring was in the air yesterday. After being locked in winter's icy grip for about six weeks, the temperatures actually hovered slightly above freezing yesterday. And the sun was out and the wind was down, making it a most pleasant day, a fine day to grab a coffee and reconnoiter at the park for a while.

Sun and Shadow

Light and shadow seems to be the theme these days. Below is AC the Groundhog's shadow on a tree trunk.


I couldn't resist snapping the moon between the trees.

Moon Through Trees


Dale said...

Nice shots, AC, as usual. I like the one of the trees with their long shadows.

"Light and shadow" indeed!

Photography means literally "drawing with light."

I've written out your lasagna recipe. I'll try it one day and let you know how it turned out. See? I got a recipe after all, didn't I? LOL!

methatiam said...

Hey, sorry I’ve been quite, but Blogger and I have been having a bit of a dispute. I swore I remembered my password correctly, it swore I didn’t and I just swore in general.

We’ve patched up our differences (I claimed defeat and Blogger let me), so I can comment once more.

Love the snaps, sorry to hear that winter is leaving. See if you can send it this way, would you?

methatiam said...

(that’s sorry I’ve been QUIET!)

Gina said...

So have you doomed yourself to more weeks of winter?

And, love that "earthshine" on the moon, great pic!

Debra said...

Oh, I know... The sun makes all the difference for me--doesn't even matter (too much, anyway) what the temps outside are as long as we have sunshine. Great photos as always and may you have Spring very, very soon! Blessings, Debra

Ginnie said...

You certainly have a fine eye for photography, AC. I especially like your first picture...but it doesn't look much like Spring to me!

dmmgmfm said...

Wonderful photo AC. So nice your weather gave you a bit of a break.

PBS said...

Very cool artsy photos!

Pam said...

Spring WAS in the air...aaaahhhhh.
I like the photos of light and shadow, and the moon. The one of your shawdow on the tree, with the hat, makes me think of that show "The Shadow." = D

Cathy said...

Ooops. Hope Ginny's concern about your shadow doesn't play out. You weren't scared though, right?

The moon framed by those sun-warmed trees - that's the one. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Even here in "The Peg" one can find subtle signs of spring. Yay.. March is here. Adios February. :-)

Anonymous said...

I missed seeing this post til now. Lovely images. Like the concept of shadow on bark.