Friday, March 09, 2007

No March Marching

I do know that at the very least, I should walk for a half hour each day. And I totally agree with the principal. But I can't bring myself to it these days, for these are the days of March. You might think that someone wouldn't have trouble marching in March, but I can't conjure up a thimble full of enthusiasm for it this week.

You see, it's cold out there, and that turns me into a rather reluctant rambler. It shouldn't really, and it doesn't always have this effect in December or January or February. You see, my tiny, little mind equates those months with winter, and I embrace the season to a certain degree. I have walked on very cold days in those months and been quite warm. That's the thing with cold weather; you can pretty well always get warm. You can don layers of space age wonder material and be warm and toasty on the coldest days. I know it, and I've done it.

But it's March, and I no longer feel like girding my loins for wintry battle. If it's cold out, as it was today and many days recently, I find myself retreating into a fetal position and whimpering softly in the nearest corner. In point of fact, I can't remember when I last walked. I think it was this week, but it must have been early on — maybe Monday.

I haven't been totally bad. I have willed myself into the basement to work out at least twice (it's not as impressive as it sounds), and that's a good thing, and I have done my weekly linedancing tour of duty, and those things do count. Also, just last night, I copied and printed exercises from You: On a Diet. I haven't done them yet, but I have printed them. I have good intentions, you see.

Unfortunately, however, it's the season of winter blahs, and I find it hard to soldier on in the cold. That is compounded by the desire to eat more — more junk if possible. Potato chips lure me like the sirens of the deep lure sailors who haven't sighted a wom ... land for night onto six months. While I haven't totally descended into the dank depths of wanton gluttony, I have been making more than my share of bad choices. Strangely enough, however, I almost feel defiantly uncontrite (which spellchecker informs me is not a word) over my fall from grace.

But, it's supposed to warm up to above freezing on the weekend. It may even rain and wash away some of the snow and maybe some of my lethargy and cravings. It will happen relatively soon. Spring will come, and we'll be celebrating new beginnings. Before long I'll once again feel good about our four seasons — even the winter part. It just overstays its welcome. That's all.


Gina said...

I rather like "uncontrite." Why in the world isn't it a word?

Thailand Gal said...

The exercises from "YOAD" are actually pretty good. It is hard to get outside and walk the requisite 30 minutes when that means 30 minutes of freezing your buns off! :)



Ginnie said...

I'm really spoiled down here in the South of the U.S. It's been in the high 60's for days & days but I will envy you when we sizzle in the summer. I hate those blah days and went through about 2 weeks of it last month...luckily it passes on, so hang in there!

Laurie said...

I'm not sure if making me laugh out loud was the intention of your post, but it had that effect on me. I love the crossouts, they really had me giggling.

I do hope your weather improves soon.

Heather said...

I can relate. I'm very, VERY sick of the cold. Thankfully, it started warming up yesterday.

Granny said...

Compared to you, we've been positively balmy but I still mind the cold.

Now we're at betwixt and between. Cold in the mornings, warm in the afternoons. I dress in layers and strip them off as the day progresses.

Coll said...

Now that I have two dogs I have no choice but to walk, and walk, and walk. What was I thinking!! :-)

karla said...

AC – your commitment to health and longevity is inspiring.

Uncontrite might not be a word, but it's better than my hoodlumish english as of late isn't it? Mark is still enjoying his mancation. :)