Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Birthday

Congratulations to Cuppa who reached the big SIX-OH today. Although beginning her seventh decade on this planet and about to be a granny, guess what youthful plaything she wanted for her birthday?

That's right: a bicycle carrier. Presumably, the bikes will come off and get pedalled when appropriate, bike-friendly destinations are reached. That's the theory anyway. There are bicycle paths in Ottawa that beckon, and the season is fast approaching. In fact, I've seen a few early birds pedalling around town just this weekend, even though we had snow again yesterday.


Debra said...

Happy birthday to Cuppa! And congrats that she wanted such a practical gift, one which will lead to more good health! Blessings, Debra

Kila said...

That sounds like a perfect 60th Birthday present!

Happy Birthday!

Dale said...

Happy Birthday, dear Cuppa. My wish is that you'll still be riding when your grandson (yeah, I think it is) finishes medical school.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cuppa!!! :-)
What a great gift. Here's hoping for lots of sunny days and mostly gentle inclines.

luna pie said...


Happy birthday! And Happy PEDDLING!

thailandchani said...

That sounds like the best birthday gift I can imagine!

Happy birthday, Cuppa. :)



Gina said...

Belated Birthday wishes to Cuppa!

Sometimes the practical gifts are the best.