Thursday, December 16, 2004

Windows and Deer Tracks

I trust that you'll forgive another two shots of our winter wonderland taken out two different windows in the same front room. Not a bad view, eh?

My tender muscle was much better today, so I was able to go out for two snowshoe walks. At first, I suggested ambling into a new area, but my better half wisely advised that we stick to the trails that we had already blazed. Good advice that, since my tender muscle has not completely recovered. Blazing a new trail is rather hard work compared to following an established trail.

You see? Sometimes it's good to stay in a rut.

Oh, I was going to leave you with that line, but I have to add one other thing. Several times today, we noticed deer tracks following the snowshoe tracks that we made on Tuesday and that we followed ourselves today. We could see where the deer's track would intersect with ours, and then it would follow ours for a while before venturing off again: usually down to the river.

We don't spot many deer around here. They are abundantly present, but we thunder through the bush with such volume that they have ample time to flee. However, I still find it neat to know that they choose to walk in our footsteps — as it were sir — by times.

Yet another finally: Sue has been busy making garlands out of popcorn and cranberries. The idea is to festoon the cottage with them for now and then hang out them outside for the critters come Christmas. You might like to see a photo of her homemade garland on her blog.

I know this was a rather fragmented, shotgun-blast of a blog. For some odd reason, I worked in reverse tonight. I posted the pictures and then added the commentary while online. I usually compose offline and try to get a somewhat better flow. Oh well!

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Anvilcloud said...

What an incredible comment. Thank you for sharing so deeply. It's worth a blog in itself.

Yes, I was a geography teacher, so I have taught about the chinook many times although I have never experienced one. I have been to Calgary but only in summer.