Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Still in a Christmas Card

I am taking a brief timeout while I wait to see if my first fire (in the wood-burning chamber of the furnace) has caught or not. I lack the magic touch of my brother-in-law who, seemingly, possesses the ability to start a roaring conflagration with the flick of a wrist or a twitch of the nose — or some such magic that eludes me. I do my best to place the logs just so and use approximately fourteen editions of the Saturday Star as fire-starter, but the wood always struggles valiantly against my best efforts. Once it does get going, however, it amazes me how much heat a few logs can generate.

Meanwhile, the Outdoor Christmas Card yet endures. Snow still blankets the trees in its glory. When we went for our first snowshoe-walk in the woods today, we were awestruck by the beauty and snapped our cameras with reckless abandon. Out of deference to dialup bloggers, I resist the urge to show the lot and must content myself with the two that are now on your screen.

The afternoon begins to wane, so I must finish my apple-cinnamon tea, check the fire, and don my snowshoes for another little walkabout before the night closes us in.



Norma said...

What lovely photos. Are you heating with logs, or just enjoying a merry fire?

Anvilcloud said...

It's a dual chamber furnace: oil and wood. I am told that wood is cheaper (just now anyway), but I love the aroma --- both inside and out (if you're near the house).