Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Olde Screw

Someone sent this animation link (warning: several minutes to load on dialup) to me today. I don't follow-up a lot of links, but this one was quite cute and in keeping with the season "as it were, Sir."

The above quote is from the, old Alastair Sim version of Scrooge, which we watched last evening. In the movie, his maid also refers to him as "the olde screw" at one point. Sue and I use that expression from time to time, but very few people in the world would understand our meaning.

We have a long-standing, family tradition of watching at least one version of Scrooge every year. This year, I hope to do all three versions that we have. The other two feature George C Scott and Patrick Stewart (respectively, as opposed to both in the same movie). Daughter #1 is now in her thirties and continues the tradition to the point where she bought the George C Scott version on DVD this year. I think that is simply splendid, but I'm a foolish, sentimental type. In fact, Christmas carols are playing on the cottage's cheap, old, little CD player as I write this, and I love that too.

It's the simple pleasures and not the commercial excesses that I thrill to in this season. I enjoy the gift-exchange too, but more for the family hearth atmosphere that encompasses it.

Feel free to comment on the simple but abundant pleasures that you and yours enjoy in this season.


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