Friday, December 10, 2004

It Just Happened to Sue Too

After yesterday's post about both me and my father getting lost, a somewhat amusing thing just happened.

This is a small city of only about 75000; so it's not all that easy to get lost. Sue had a doctor's appointment this morning: hardly in an obscure location — we pass it regularly. About a half hour after she left (thanks goodness she left in plenty of time), she called to ask me where the heck the doctor's office was. She couldn't even remember the street — and it's a main street too!

We had a good laugh over that. You have to learn to do that in this life because if you couldn't laugh at yourself, you'd end up crying.


1 comment:

Norma said...

I grew up in a town of 3,000. You live in a huge city. I'd get lost real easy!