Thursday, June 07, 2018

Wildflowers Along the Trail

After unseasonable heat late last week, it has been unseasonably chilly this week. Yesterday morning I felt compelled to don the sweater-hoodie that keeps me warm in winter. It has also been cloudy and at times rainy. But the cloud can be good for flower photos, so I took my camera over to the trail yesterday and captured some tiny wildflowers.

It was windy, and since I am also lazy, I didn't bother with the tripod. Under the conditions, the resulting photos are not tack sharp, but since I actually like a soft focus effect sometimes, I don't mind.

Here are a few. I don't know what any of the plants are called. I think the second one is my favourite.


Mage said...

Stunning. Perfect for you to photograph. On another topic, why doesn't your HOA mow the grass. Ours does.

Marie Smith said...

Love the second one too. All are beautiful though.

Jenn Jilks said...

The first one looks like candytuft.
Bladderwort is the one that looks bladderly! :-)