Saturday, June 02, 2018


Heyyyyyy! It's....
I get a 3-day weekend because yesterday was a PA day. Let me tell you what I did today.
So I got up (at my grandparents), and watched YouTube in the den. My grandpa was there too.
My hair wasn't brushed and I had my PJs on, because I'm the laziest person you'll ever see!
I had some Cinnamon Sugar Toast. We got ready and before you know it, we were off on our bikes!

You will see some photos because my grandpa posts just about everything. 

We were at the park within 2 minutes as we rode along the gorgeous Nature Trail leading past the Hockey Arena. As we rode off, I looked back, remembering going there at least twice a week for Jonathan's Hockey.

I continued to ride. The trail had ended and we were on the side of the road behind Main Street. We rode under a bridge that me and my grandpa went on about 1 hr later.  

So, Hackberry Park was our Main Destination. We went past it heading towards Town Hall 😆. We stopped at a red square with benches and stuff. You can rent it for events. Anyways, we went there to take a rest, watch the water, and text my mom some pictures.

We headed off again to the Farmers Market. There was someone who fixed bikes. My grandma's bike wheel was acting up, but me and my grandpa headed inside the structure. It's only there for shade, I imagine. We visited most off the stands. I took a bookmark and 2 samples. There was a Bagel stand! We got "Bagel Chips". While my grandpa purchased, I went to another stand and tried a Fudge Sample! Let me tell you, it was PRETTY AMAZING! 😋! Of course, I convinced him to buy it.

We headed home. I was going to see if a friend down the street would play, but she wasn't there.

My grandpa was in the bathroom. I told him from outside the door I was going to do a Guest Blog. He walked out in his UNDERWEAR! 😨!

So that's where I am now... hoping to have lunch at Timmies. 😂.

Have a good day!

Dani 💖

PS: I am staying for another night, so you can ask me questions if you want.


Marie Smith said...

Great post Dani. It was a fun day by the sound of it.

Joanne Noragon said...

Three days. Woohoo! Have a good time.

Kay said...

Dani, you are a chip off grandpa’s block. What a fun blog post!

Christina said...

Hi Dani, good to meet you. You sure are lucky to have such a fabulous grandfather. I bet the fudge was pure amazing. I love fudge. I had an amazing grandfather, too. Best memories of my young life. The two of us went travelling across Tanzania when I was 18 and he was 75. Brilliant.

Jim Flack said...

Hello Dani,
You are so lucky to have such active and "young" Grands. Sounds like a fun weekend. Small towns have so much to offer. I live in a small town in Midwest USA. Lots of history and fun stuff to do, even though it's a small place. My 4 young grandchildren live close by, so we have lots of fun adventures. Have a great summer. I suppose your school is about to be let out for the summer. Have a great one, and torment that grandpa of yours every time you get a chance!! (NO, don't!! HA!)

MARY G said...

Nice post, Dani. Fun stuff. But will you please consult your grandfather about saying "me and my grandpa" the way you used it twice. It is wrong usage and makes you sound like a little kid, and that you are not. Good stuff, fudge.