Tuesday, June 12, 2018

To My American Friends

Unless you've been in hiding, I can understand why you would be in these idiotic times, you know that your Trump verbally attacked our Prime Minister after the G7 meetings.

After. After he left. On Twitter. Because that's how he rolls. Some might call that cowardly.

This article in The Globe and Mail, widely regarded as Canada's national newspaper, writes that Trumps Owes Trudeau an Apology.

It's a brief article so don't hesitate to click and read, but in case you don't here are a few excerpts.

Decent people do not belittle or mock their allies or their enemies. Decent people do not engage in juvenile name-calling. Decent people do not resort to personal attacks when they don’t like the outcome of a meeting ... 
We are respectful and decent people. Over the past 70 years the U.S. has led the construction of an international order based on mutual respect, and worked on improving the joint and interconnected interdependence among nations. 
But this recent behaviour is abnormal: Someone has to call out Mr. Trump.

We on this side of the border are pretty well all onside, for this is not an liberal-conservative issue. In fact Parliament has voted unanimously in favour of tariff reprisals. Unanimous voted, don't often happen, folks. (More here.)

I read everywhere in social media that Americans are appalled by this man's uncouth behaviour, but I am mainly writing this to say that we understand that this is not so much a Canada-USA brouhaha as it is a petulant man-child acting out.

I can say that I've never met an American that I haven't liked. Now, I am sure that they exist, but I haven't personally met any.

 I just wanted to say that to y'all, eh: those last two words being an Americanism and a Canadianism.


Bernadette Wood said...

Well said John, proud to be Canadian and even prouder of our Prime Minister.

Christina said...

Mr Trump is a despicable man with the bedside manners of a troll. he reminds me of Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Thanks for speaking out, more people should, on all sides of the borders. I am of course on the other side of the ocean but I think Mr Trump has a negative effect on the entire world.

Hena Tayeb said...

A narcissistic, tantrum throwing man child!
Every day I wake up I still can't believe he is president.. that he has not been impeach, convicted or assassinated yet.. but I can dream.

I'd say the same for Canadians.. I've met enough American's I didn't like but I have never met a Canadian that I didn't like..

Be Well.


Vicki Lane said...

Maybe the worst thing about Our National Embarrassment is the knowledge that so many (not a majority) of our countrymen continue to support him. Rude, uninformed, petulant, egoistic, narrow-minded . . . it's not just him but a lamentably large number of US citizens.

Thank you, John … and I'm sorry.

Silver Willow said...

Trump is an arss of the highest caliber. I've been appalled by his behavior every.single.day. since about July 2016. That's a long freaking time. He gave me ulcerative colitis. Americans should be already marching in the streets over him, and yet, not. By the time we actually do, it may be too late. :(

KGMom said...

Thanks, AC. I need to hear this. I am in despair. What with Canadian ancestors (grandfather) and Canadian relatives--brother, his family. As well as MANY cousins. The Climenhagas (my family name) were a prolific sort.
And I have visited Canada many times. And worked there two summers while attending college.
I fear that this is actually work than a tantrum. I keep thinking "Manchurian Candidate"--what happened that time this man (can't even say his name or title) visited Russia--that time from which the infamous "golden showers" episode was reported? Brainwashed?
No--not going to let him off the hook so easily. His behavior is boorish, childish, aggressive (think male gorilla beating his chest) and just plain obnoxious.

KGMom said...

Make that WORSE than a tantrum.

Marie Smith said...

I concur AC. I only hope that some power changes hands with the mid term election! It doesn’t look like many on the Republican side of the House or Senate have many principles. At least that’s how it looks to this Canadian.

Jackie said...

I love our President: Donald John Trump!!

Jim Flack said...

Not a Trump fan, never have been nor will I ever be. I just think that we voted in the lesser of the two evils. The choices were so limited!! H. Clinton would have been much worse. We would be in WWIII if she would have been in office. She's nuts and Trump is a ego maniac. Oh geesh, what a time to be a U.S. citizen!! A sad state of affairs!! I'm sorry!!

Tabor said...

Canadians that I met in Ontario after Clinton were more than polite when we elected some good-old boy who was a bit dumber. He had a good heart but a wrong goal. I keep reminding that many Americans were too apathetic or confused to vote. I am hanging onto htat thread as solace.

Joanne Noragon said...

There is no reason to denegrate friend or enemy. I apologize, which does not resolve or fix anything. I hope we begin the fix in November!

Mage said...

I too apologize. I agree with Christina and all your other readers.

Jenn Jilks said...

It is shocking, but predictable. We won't visit the US anytime soon.