Friday, January 12, 2018

Whither Winter Weather

One of the first things that I learned when we started to examine global warming in my World Issues class about thrifty years ago, was that more extreme and unexpected events may occur. We would still get hot spells and cold snaps and other sorts of weather, but it might become more unpredictable and even catastrophic.

It seems to have some to pass, the past year being the wettest ever — a 1 in 3000 year event according to the graphic below.

Today, we shatter the record for the warmest January 12th ever, the previous warmest being just 5 years ago. In addition, it's the 5th warmest January day ever.

From Monday I posted JJ in my little snow fort.

Last night, we had so much rain that this is what it looks like from my window this morning. Gone. Down to the ground, but you can see the outline.

It was so mild with so much rain that the only snow that remains is that which had been accumulated from clearing the driveway and sidewalk. Snow that had just fallen and not been piled up is all gone.

I cannot remember such a prodigious melt in such a short period. Not that that means much as I cannot remember what ...

Now what was I saying? I forget.

Oh ... just to keep you informed, we are to expect flash freezing and snow come mid-afternoon.

Meanwhile, the kids on on their 5th buses cancelled day, the 3rd this week.


Joanne Noragon said...

All our snow washed away by rain that will be freezing rain by noon. No school today. The fourth in the last seven days of school. 57 % of possible, cancelled for extraordinary weather. The cheeto is clueless.

Donna said...

Had to go put on my gloves for this post! ;o)
Do the schools make the kiddos make up those snow days? They do know...when there's a sixteenth of an inch on the ground here in Central Texas?Hahaa
Stay warm!

Mage said...

Just below you, we are in a deep freeze.

Marie Smith said...

It’s the same here, mild for a few days, then deep freeze again. The water can’t soak into the earth either. Our new version of winter!

Tabor said...

Humans are extremely naive about this. I can also remember scientists researching this event decades ago as I worked in a department next to the Weesther Service.

Jenn Jilks said...

Wasn't it amazing??!!
I find, though, that Ottawa gets more Lake Effect Snow, from Muskoka, and Georgian Bay. I noticed this when mom and dad lived in Muskoka, we were in Ottawa. We'd get it a day later.
We often have much less. We still have far more than in other years.
I tracked our Muskoka LES, especially after snomagheddon (1.6 m snow in Mactier!), then moving here we find we are the stone in the river, as the precipitation dissipates over the land.