Sunday, January 07, 2018

More Cold and More Hockey

More cold and more hockey. As I write this early Sunday morn, it's -30C/-20F out there. And it has been windy too, which has made it a little unbearable.

In my previous post, I declared that I was going to go snowshoeing. My intentions were good. Honest. But when I went out to start the car and load the snowshoes, I quickly thought better of my plan because it was so windy and bitter.

As a result, there has been much indoor time, and that has included watching the six-part series of Love, Lies and Records on Acorn featuring Agatha Raisin's Ashley Jensen among others "in this critically acclaimed Acorn TV Original drama about the personal and professional lives of employees at the Leeds Register Office. Working at the Register is no ordinary job--every day, the team is faced with life's greatest milestones: birth, marriage, and death."

I call this sort of show a light drama: too serious to be a comedy but not serious enough that you don't realize that it's a bit of a farce when you are watching. Very fun to watch, though, as long as you keep those constraints in mind. This is a series where characters and situations can get a little over-the-top, and you have to ride with that to enjoy fully. As I did.

I didn't mean to digress into that little review. What I meant to write and will now do so, is that the only time I have been out in the past couple of days was yesterday to watch JJ play hockey. Now then, small-town arenas aren't exactly toasty, but I have to say that it was quite acceptable in there considering how freakin cold it was outside.

I took the camera. I know that doesn't surprise you, but I don't always take it to his games. Anyway, I concentrated more on JJ than the general play this time and managed a few acceptable shots. Action photos through that thick and highly marked glass (with a camera that is not top of the line) will never be top drawer, and while that annoys and discourages me sometimes, I try to do my best.

Here they are.


Gotta catch up

Smack that sucker

I'll head him off at the pass


Marie Smith said...

Great photos, stay warm.

Debbie said...

really great action shots!! i have not left the house since new years eve and i would like to get out. but it so freakin' cold out, i don't know where i would go!!!

Joanne Noragon said...

Smack that sucker is exactly what I thought as I scrolled down the picture. Great shots of an action kid. I know how many shots you have to take and edit in order to present decent ones, and so, kudo's to you, and you'd do it anyway, because it's about getting decent pictures.

Mage said...

Great stuff Grandpa. :)

Kay said...

Oh wow! Those are awesome action shots!

Ummm... -20 degrees F. Seriously? Oh my gosh! I had to go back and look. That's awful! I don't remember it ever dropping that low in Illinois unless you counted the wind chill.

Hena Tayeb said...

He looks great out there on the ice.
It's been cold here too.. not that cold but cold and windy. It's just finally supposed to start to get better tomorrow.. fingers crossed.

Jenn Jilks said...

We have ordered many DVDs from England. I love their shows.
There are some from Iceland, as well. Yay, Acorn!