Friday, January 26, 2018

At The Good Ole Hockey Game

About a month ago, I won a prize in a fund-raising draw at JJ's tournament. Kind of shocked me because I am not a lucky sort of person: not in that way at least. We had a weekly 50/50 draw when I was teaching, and while some people seemed to be frequent winners, I felt that I didn't win my fair share as it were.

But I did win this draw — tickets for 8 at a suite for the NHL's Ottawa Senators. The Boston Bruins, a very good team, were in town to play the Sens (a not so good team this year). The results were predictable: Boston won, but it was a close game.

We arrived early, and as is my wont, I took a few pics.

The fancy scoreboard although I don't think that name fits anymore. I think it's just the Jumbotron.

Sue waiting at our suite.

I wonder what the suite costs the owner. Our sometime hostess showed us some seats that are $10000 per season. But they do get a free buffet included. Yikes!

The rest of the family came: Danica, JJ, Sha's Ex and his new tribe. Sha is in Arizona on a business trip.

Being told that ordering food from the suite was very expensive, the step family went out for some provisions and came back with 4 hot dogs and a few drinks and with a $85 hole in their wallets.

Yet, in the suite next door to ours, the food and booze flowed all night. What did they spend: $1000, $2000? And this would be on top of the price of the suite. If an individual seat (see above) could cost 10 grand, how much would a suite set you back? Would it be 50 grand?

But aside from a pre-game dinner elsewhere. it was free entertainment for us. Even the upgraded parking was a throw-in. It would have been $35 in our lot adjacent to the arena although the outlying lots are less expensive — $15, I think.

BTW, that title is from The Hockey Song. No doubt I have posted it before, probably a few times. JJ was telling us that when the priest comes to his school (don't get me started), he does a sing-song  after the religious bit, and always plays this song. It's kind of a corny but fun classic.


troutbirder said...

Yes I like hockey though it doesn't translate to TV very well. The game is too fast and puck to small to follow. Fortunately they have replays which show you hoe that tiny black disks got past that big hulking man with all the pads on. They also fight a lot and the refs let them carry on for quite a while unusually harmlessly which the male fans also love. I grew up in the State of Hockey (a.k.a. Minnesota where hockey is akin to a religion *like Canada and our boy almost singlehandedly defeated the "unbeatable" Russians in the Olympics 'some decades ago. Our high school in St Paul was a local power in the sport. So naturally I starred in basketball which was considered a minor sport akin to being on the chess team. Naturally my father a former hockey player attributed my poor choice in sports to my "weak ankles" to his friend. ... Sorry I guess your free tickets to a NHL game struck a raw nerve... Whoda thought? :)

Dale said...

Tickets for 8. But I count 9 in the photos. Great to see Eric. He looks happy. Glad to see you guys remain mutually committed to the kids. Congrats on the win, btw. And yes, it is astounding how much money some folks have to play with.

Anvilcloud said...

We had 8 tickets, but we ended up with many more in the suite. I think you're supposed to have 16, but we had more. Not us only. Another group had tickets too.

Joanne Noragon said...

What a grand song, as good as take me out to the ball game. The cuts are as illustrative as Casey at the bat. And your clip is followed by an hour of Clancy and Robbie O'Connell. The first picture is just perfect; I don't need to know why or where to appreciate the exposure and the composition. Now I'm moving along, so I won't get back into an hour of Irish music.

Marie Smith said...

Amazing to me how much money some people have to spend. I guess it keeps the economy going! Great looking blended family!

Mara said...

The only time I ever see ice hockey is during the Olympics. I love watching it, but never ever do I see the puck! So, when they say there's a goal, I am just wondering what happened.

10000 dollar for a seat? Are they made of gold??

Tabor said...

Lucky you! EIGHT seats!! I am not a sport fan, but would have liked the photo opportunity Those $10,000 seats are sometimes shared by a dozen people who alternate or a corporation who rotates the tickets as reward.

Kay said...

Congratulations! That is so so awesome! Hockey isn't big in Hawaii, but I can see why it would be BIG in Canada.

Jenn Jilks said...

You must have had fun!

Mage said...

What fun and with so many family members too.