Wednesday, January 10, 2018

At Thrice the Price

Surely, you remember the sock post. I mean, how could you forget? Memorable it was ... well to me anyway.

I wrote about why I needed long socks and about the problem of them shedding their substance wherever I trod.

With regard to that (I could just type WRTT, but then I'd have to explain it), Joanne commented: "You do need a new brand. If your socks shed they are knit from reprocessed wool; old wool clothes ground up and respun. All the short fibers fall out. Look for virgin merino. They will last for years."

Now this is all well and good, but I had no idea where to get such creations.

Meanwhile, I just binned another pair yesterday that had worn through on the soles. As I asked previously, how could they not [wear out] when they are forever leaving bits of themselves wherever I tread?

That [trashing a pair] wasn't so terrible because they were last winter's socks, so I knew they were living on borrowed time anyway. But then my toe wore through on a this-year pair.

Now part of this is likely my fault. Perhaps I let my toenails get too long, like that time that I inadvertently stabbed Sue's leg with my toe in bed one night and caused bleeding. But still ... I do not commonly put my toes through any socks, even one's which I've worn for years.

Alright John, you're losing the thread of your yarn (or so, ahem, to speak), so get back to spinning this woolly narrative, boy.

Here's what I am getting to in my own good time. Sue saw from an online ad that a local shop had long, quality socks in stock.

They're mohair, supposedly warm, although they are not terribly thick (but that's okay because folks tell me that I'm a little thick), and they are expensive. They are three times more expensive that one type that I currently own. The other type I am not sure of their durability yet, but they are almost twice as expensive as those.

Still if they last four times longer, I willing to foot the bill as it were.


Joanne Noragon said...

Ha ha. You get what you pay for. I spun yarn for thirty years, and know how it works.Mohair is not wool; it is goat hair. Decent stuff, but not so warm as wool as it is hair. Sheep wool is a unique fiber in all the world, and warm because every fiber is a crinkly little devil that holds air in its spaces. That is the insulation that keeps you warm. Hair is straight and holds less insulating air. The life of the fiber is in the quality of its spinning. A firm, hard spin will not wear out and don't worry, all the air is still in there.

Mage said...

Keep us posted. G wears Worlds Softest Socks, but they too grow thin in the soles. If iti works, it is worth the money.

Debbie said...

hehehe, serious winter conversation. i have sock issues too, but i think it is because of my overly dry skin!!

Tabor said...

I got some lovely slipper socks this year and they have been shedding everywhere. I wonder how long they will last. I must look more carefully when buying that type of sock.

Marie Smith said...

Lol. Good one, AC.

Kay said...

Caused bleeding??? Oh my gosh! John, I'm surprised Sue doesn't make you wear extra soft, THICK booties to bed.

troutbirder said...

I didn't realize socks were sure a complicated issue. But then this is the 21st century...:)

Jenn Jilks said...

I am so fed up, that they are manufacturing crap, paying people pennies a day, overseas in sweat shops, for goods and services that don't last.
I bought undergarments that lasted a couple of weeks. It's awful.

Mara said...

Perhaps you can get Sue to knit you a pair of nice socks. That way you can use whatever material you want them made off in exactly the length you might want (like over the knee).

William Kendall said...

I get socks that last a year or so, and replace them a few pairs at a time before they're at the end of their line. I've thought of buying a pair from one of the vendors at the farmers market. I can't recall the material they use.