Friday, January 05, 2018

A This and That Listy Sorta Post

We have two very cold days coming up — as opposed to normal cold days. Actually, if they bring sun, I will like them better than cloudy but not quite so cold. Yes, I think very cold and sunny beats normal cold and cloudy, especially if cloudy comes with wind.

I have been thinking of getting the snowshoes out. We only shoe at the cottage, but maybe we should do some here. Sue will have coffee with her lady friends this morning. Maybe I'll try them out then. I can no longer shoe for long when I first begin, but if I do a little here, maybe I'll be able to go longer when we do get to the cottage ... if we do get there this winter.

We are missing the big storm from the east coast. It's just cold.

The doc has doubled my sleeping pill dosage lately, and while I am getting some better nights, I was still up by 4:30 this morning. That is after going to bed sometime after 11 last night.

JJ has a game in town tomorrow afternoon, so we will likely go. There's nothing like sitting in a cold arena on a cold day. Actually, at our home arena, there is some heat from over the stands. Not all arenas where he plays have this luxury.

His game on Sunday is out of town at 7:30 in the morning. No, we won't be in attendance.

We watched the Netflix serial, Manhunt Unabomber over the past few days. It was quite interesting and enjoyable although the story seemed embellished in places and there was some obvious [to me] character stereotyping. I looked up Kaczynski online, and he still seems to be alive in prison at the age of 75.

There was a death on our highway this week. A young man got reckless in icy conditions, and apparently tried to pass on a two lane highway. There's too much passing on that highway. When I drive it, I speed somewhat deliberately (but not excessively) to try to be safer. I know that sounds odd, but I figure if I can reduce the dangerous passing of cars behind me ... But it doesn't work as well as I'd like because they still line up behind me and pass when think they can.

If people were to do the math, they might not be in such an all-fired-up hurry. It takes an hour to drive 60 mils at 60 mph. What do you save by going 70? I got up too early, and I'm too stupid to do the math properly any more, but I figure it's something like 8 minutes. How worth the risk is it to ride on bumpers and then pass on a two lane highway in poor conditions to possibly save 8 minutes? And you won't really save that much, will you? Because you'll wind up behind someone else doing 60, and it take you awhile to pass again.

Not that I always follow my own logic when I'm driving and come up behind a slowpoke, but I think I do, at least, consider the road conditions.

I wish that they would double that highway into 4 lanes, but it's a long, rural one, and construction would be costly and would impede traffic for years while being constructed.

I originally mistyped "constructed" above. Why can computers do auto correct like phones and tablets? Sure they alert you with the red, squiggly underlines, but they don't auto correct. Maybe it would be more of a nuisance though. I do wonder, however, why we can't have the option.

I read a novel this week: Into the Water by Paula Hawkins who wrote the more famous The Girl on the Train, which was also a successful movie. I have neither read the book nor seen the film, but I would not be averse to doing so.

Into the Water  is a mystery of sorts but not a typical detective-solving mystery and more about the people affected by a drowning: actually a pair of recent drownings in a location where there have been various drownings of women in the past. Anyway, the mystery more or less solves itself from the actions of the characters.

It's 8 o'clock. Sue is still abed. She goes to bed, sometimes hours before me and sleeps sometimes hours after me. At one time, we slept similar hours, but in later years we have gone in opposite directions. She wishes that she could be less tired and sleep less; I wish that I could be less tired and sleep more. It is what it is.

I leave with something that one doesn't generally share online, but it leads to a question. We bought some toilet paper this week [sic] because it was on sale and we knew our supply was getting low. So, it was stacked on top of the rolls at the bottom of the cupboard.

And here's the question. We came to this house 12 years ago. Are the rolls on the bottom of the stack now 12 years old?

I will leave you with that burning question.


Debbie said...

it is frigid her at the jersey shore, single digits with wind chills below zero. unless you live under a rock - and i know you don't, i am sure you heard that we got slammed with snow, about 2 feet. i hope to get out later.

i sleep more than my husband, i have always attributed that to my disease, but who knows. he likes having a few hours in the morning to himself.

too bad about the accident/death, that is always so unsettling. people are in a hurry, i use to be and i am glad i no longer am!!

your on your own about the toilet paper!?!?

Tabor said...

Regarding your last question, probably not. But who knows. I also have problems sleeping and during full moons usually only get 4 to 5 hours a night. At other times it is more. But I got a fitbit as a Christmas present and find to my surprise that my average sleep is in the 7-hour zone which is good for me! I never take sleep aids unless I have something big to do the next day, as they do leave me groggy all day. Hope your sleeping gets better. Do you snore? That may be waking you up.

Mage said...

I agree with Tabor...maybe. LOL
Yes, I too used to have trouble sleeping, but not these days. If I wake at 0330, That witching hour, I do have trouble getting back to sleep again. We have been recording our favorite shows, and we go to bed earlier now....9:30ish. It seems to work.

Marie Smith said...

My husband is up at 3:30 like Mage but he sleeps way more than I do. I nap which keeps me going so I try not to stress about the small amount of sleep I get in bed. I don’t take anything for it either.

Maybe it is time to change up the toilet paper? Lol.

Joanne Noragon said...

Even when I have new TP, I do not put it in the closet until the last roll of old is on the holder. No 12 y/o TP in my closet.

Joyce F said...

Your ? about the TP made me think. We keep an extra package of TP, paper towels and Kleenex in our all purpose (okay, JUNK) room. It's been there for a few (?) years because when we are close to being out I buy new and that new whatever is used next. Maybe the next time I buy new I will replace the stored with that and use the ? year old paper product. Thank you for making me think on this! :)

It's been cold here in Kansas but slowly warming up.

Mara said...

Ah, but you will have to use the tp soon though. According to my mum the next thing they will put 'use by' dates on is most likely toilet paper, since they are putting it on everything else!!

I write in British English, but for some reason my computer is set to American English. Which means red squiggles every time I write realise, colour and amongst.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

On the TP dilemna, John, my thought would be does it matter? As someone already noted, there is not yet (to my knowledge) any expiration dates listed on paper products...maybe the older ones were even made better, like most things.

Vicki Lane said...

Carbon dating for the TP conundrum?

Mary said...

John, thanks for visiting the Writing Nook. I appreciate the support. How are you and the family doing?

It's been frigid here as well. Good old fashioned winter.

Drivers don't think and many go way too fast for the road and weather conditions.

As far as sleep goes, I sometimes have trouble falling asleep, but like your Sue, I wish I didn't sleep so many hours. However, I did read somewhere that women need more sleep than men as we age.

Take care and be safe on the roads.

Kay said...

There are nights I really wish I had a sleeping pill! I never get quite enough sleep. I don't think I'd like the auto-correct on my computer. I have on several occasions not noticed that the auto-correct incorrectly corrected what I wanted. How's that for a weird sentence?

Jenn Jilks said...

What a hoot!
We go through TP too quickly for that to happen here!
I'm so tired of the drivers around here. Not all, obviously, but they can be mindless.
I keep track of them to find out bad spots.