Monday, January 08, 2018

First day Back to School NOT

After their three-week break the kids went back to school today. Except they didn't. Because we had another snow day.

This is the third time the buses have been cancelled and the second time the kids have spent the day with us.

It was warm enough, hovering around 0C/32F, to go sledding, and we had been planning on doing just that, but life intervened by giving Sue a most copious nosebleed that went on and on and on.

Danica was quite marvellous, sitting with her and taking extensive notes on what was happening and when. What a trooper!

Poor JJ was traumatized. He's a very sensitive young fella and it upset him for quite a while to think that all was not well with his grandmother, but he came around in time.

Eventually, we three were able to go out and shovel snow.

When I thought we were done, Jonathan wanted me to dig out a fort as I have done in other years. So I did.

Then he had some fun jumping off the snowbank.

We went in and played a couple of games of Sorry before getting back to phone games and such.

Maybe we'll get that elusive sledding in yet.


Marie Smith said...

School started here last Wed., then two snow days shut it down. The weather is the topic all over North America it seems.

Debbie said...

some kids sure do know how to have fun in the snow!! it looks like you have the same quantity of snow that we do!!!

Joanne Noragon said...

I believe snow days are accompanied by a curse that can even deliver a nose bleed to a lovely grandma. When I was in maybe fifth grade, an intrepid father walked half a dozen of us to school, to keep us safe on unshovelled sidewalks. On arrival, we learned school was closed. This probably was before 1950. I think mothers sent us on the trek just to be rid of us. The curse was begun. Grandma's even get nose bleeds.

Mage said...

So very sorry about the nose bleed. Stay warm and safe.

Kay said...

That nosebleed was worrisome. I hope Sue was OK right away. I remember those snow days in Chicago. It was quite rare actually because the district just hated having their schedule changed when they had to make up the days in June. In recent years, I understand they are giving out more snow days, maybe because they've had colder weather or a change in superintendent. That a whole lot of snow you guys have up north.

Jenn Jilks said...

How is Sue?
My JB had nosebleeds when we first met, ER three times until the last time. It was a daily aspirin the dr. told him to take. He had the worst ENT specialist in emerg. in the world. "Dr. Love" who told him he didn't want hubby as a patient. What a time that was.