Tuesday, January 23, 2018


How strange was that? The other night, Sue spotted a light in the backyard (above). We couldn't see it as well as it shows in this picture where you can see the shape of it. All we could see was the light itself. So Sue went out to see what it was. Sure enough, it was a solar light that we hadn't taken in for the winter.

The strange this is that we had missed taking it in because it wasn't even working in that fall. So, when I gathered the good ones, I guess I left this behind and forgot about it.

It has endured cold and was buried under snow and hadn't even worked in the good weather, but in a mid-January night, on it came after lo these many months.

Meanwhile, today will likely be the kids 7th snow day. Once again, we call the days that even if it's an ice day. I say 'likely' because the transportation site is down, so I can' check.

You see, we had freezing rain last night. This is what my window looks like this morning.

And this is what it looks like out back on the other side of the house. No ice on the window, but you can see the reflections from the crust on the snow.

The thing is, that it is getting mild and the ice will soon be melting if it isn't already. Meanwhile though, I am sure that the buses won't be able to do their morning run.

Someone asked if this time has to be made up. Not in my experience. You see, the schools almost never officially close. They are open for kids to go if they can and wish to, and the teachers must still be there. So in one sense it is still an official school day even though few students will actually bother to go, even if they are able such as them living within walking distance.

It makes sense because even if a half class were to show up (which is unlikely), how can the teacher keep on with new material when the other half is missing? So why go at all if you're a kid?


Marie Smith said...

The teachers don't have to go to school here. Be careful out there!

Silver Willow said...

No snow or ice days in southern California. Ever.

Odd about that light, but we have one that randomly works too. :)

Joanne Noragon said...

We never had solar lights that worked well enough to say they were there. In the six years I've been re-involved with schools, only once were missed snow days made up. That was in year one of six. I think it left such a bad taste the district will do anything to shut down on 5-31.

Mage said...

Lovely, erie image.

troutbirder said...

As an ex teacher and contract negotiator do the teachers who die in the blizzard unable to make it to the required attendance get extra life insurance coverage for their widows and dependent children..?, he says only slightly facetiously...:)

Debbie said...

i much prefer snow to ice, i am sure everyone feels that way!! the ice on that window is amazing!!

i have never heard of those requirements for a snow day. here, if it's a snow day, it is a snow day for everyone!! i guess that would help working parents that must get to work...but those poor teachers, seems like a real safety issue!!

many thanks for your kind comment today - it may be silly to some people but i really miss my birds. and the yard is so quiet. i sit and work next to the window that houses all their feeders - no singing, no chirping!!

Jenn Jilks said...

It's something to do with funding. If the school closes, with Harris' smart ass funding formula, if the school closes they don'tget funds for the day, despite needing a custodian, etc.