Sunday, October 29, 2017

PA Day With The Munchkins

Friday was the first PA Day of the year (or was it the second?). For those who asked last time, it stands for Professional Assistance, or maybe it was a PD Day which stands for Professional Development. I was a teacher and still don't have a clear understanding of the difference. And I suspect there isn't one.

The kids could have stayed with their step mom and sisters (and they do get along quite well, I hasten to add), but they chose to spend it with us. We were honoured. Naturally. Or is that 'natcherly'?

I picked them up ~9 and brought them over to ours, and Sue had an activity for them right away.

Sue has a box containing some of her father's war medals as well as many coins.

(You may recall that JJ sorted through some old coins form my mother on his sleepover, but this is a different box.)

Here they are, studying the treasures under the light and magnifying glass.

JJ took and processed this photo on his [as in Mom's old] iPhone. I thought he did a great job.

Then they worked separately on crafts and interests.

Lunch preparations: grilled cheese with bacon. They both wanted seconds.

After some quiet, or not so quiet time, post lunch, we were off to the park to skip stones. They had shown an interest one day last summer, but good skipping stones were hard to find. But, believe it or not, I found some at the dollar store, which has become a multiple dollar store. (Remember that Kresge's and Woolworth's used to be 'five and dime' stores.)

The skipping went so-so (although I enjoyed pretending I was young again and achieving some success — somewhat remarkably), but they were able to do other playground and water things before we headed off to Tims for drinks and donuts. We didn't need them, especially donuts, after that lunch, but Tims is kind of a tradition. (Tims is our shortie for Tim Hortons, a Canadian donut and coffee chain).

And that was how our day went, except I will show this picture that Sue and Danica did when Danica was showing grandma the wonders and glories of Snapchat.

Yes, they are both cute.


Marie Smith said...

Such a fun day. We have a PD day comingmhis week. Always a good time! Your grandkids sure are growing!

Debbie said...

yes, they are all adorable!! i love grilled cheese and crafts!!!

Joanne Noragon said...

I couldn't possibly put together that many activities. It probably would be something, lunch, something, Tim Hortons. No Snap Chat! Great kids; glad you and Sue had a good day.

Mara said...

A great day!

I saw a program recently where somebody brought some medals in an old plastic container. Turned out they were very rare and therefor very very valuable! I think 10,000+ pounds for just one of them and the rest was equally good.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sure it made you and Sue feel very special too.

Jenn Jilks said...

What a lovely day you had!

Mage said...

Too cute family. Just adorable. :)