Thursday, October 26, 2017


With nothing fresh to post, I thought that I might as well do some outtakes (or extras if you prefer) from previous recent postings.

In an earlier post, you saw the same truck on this road, but it was farther down the road.

Another photo from Gillies Grove.

Three from Eagles Nest

Three from Ferguson Lake Road on the way to Mount Saint Patrick: emphasizing fences from one spot where I pulled over.


Joanne Noragon said...

Is that a sort of a slough down there, with blue water shining up? I'm a sucker for paths and fences, too.

Marie Smith said...

That area is spectacular, AC. You can almost smell the air just looking at the photos!

troutbirder said...

So many great picture to choose from .....your bound to have outtakes when blogging...:) My problem is deleting things.

Silver Willow said...

Just gorgeous, my favorite being the golden tree with the rustic fence in the foreground.