Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Big Leap Requires Many Small Steps

We have succumbed.

Succumbed to the cell phone world.

Yes, we are in the process of replacing our land line with cell phones: one for her and one for me.

Our package includes older iPhone 6s, which are supposedly free with a two-year plan.

It's not that I am stuck on Apple, but we have pods and tablets, so the environment is similar and somewhat familiar. And Shauna and the kids both have iPhones, so there is help when we need it.

And we need it. It's a big leap, which must be taken with many small steps, and although that analogy — leap with small steps — may not seem to make sense to you, it does to me, and since this is my blog ... 😁

Whatever our familiarity with the iOS environment, you use a lot more of it with a phone over a pod and a tablet. So, there is a learning curve (much), and there are questions (many).

The kids, 8 and 10, are kind of whizzes with this stuff. And they explain things to us. But they go so darn fast. "Just do this and this and this, Grandpa."

"Well yes, m'darlin, but could you slow down just a bit? I can learn, y'know. New stuff does still go in, eh. But maybe not quite as fast as it does for you."

BTW, they do and don't have phones. These are hand-me-downs from their mother. There are no sim cards, but they work well enough through internet, and they are good for texting and so on and so forth, so they know their way around really well. I wonder when they will need actual phones? Maybe by high school?

They know their way around iOS so well, that Danica switched my nickname on my phone to Big Butt Webber for some obscure reason, and that's what came through to others when I sent messages.

Little imp.

The messaging along with the Find Friends app is quite useful. I was able to briefly text Sue when I arrived safely at an out-of-town meeting last night and also when I was leaving for home. The lady does tend to worry, so it helps. And then she can go to the Find Friends app and see where I am in my journey home. Neat.

So, if you will excuse Mr Big Butt, I have more larnin to do.

Now, how do I put this thing on mute and vibrate only mode?


Joanne Noragon said...

The kids will show you.

Ginnie said...

Oh ... tell Danica she should be ashamed of herself ...even if the Butt name is appropriate ... after all those photos of her that you made sure were complimentary. (But I guess you have to tread lightly, AC, since she and her brother might be your only hope with your complicated new appliance !)

Silver Willow said...

Are you really asking, or just joking? email me. LOL

Marie Smith said...

Lol. You are a brave soul, AC.

Kay said...

You are so going to love it! My husband wouldn't get a cellphone for the longest time and now he's just loving it. I love the Google Maps app because it allows me to track where Art is. Find Friends is fabulous too!

Mara said...

I have a mobile phone, but can use it only to ring people or send texts. I cannot take photos, go online or any of that. I used my iPod a while ago (which has a slight internet function) and got so annoyed with it after a while, I had to turn it off again.

I love how Danica changed your name. How did you find out?

Blogoratti said...

Getting a new device can be a learning curve, with time I'm sure you will both be able to outsmart the little ones. Greetings!

Jim Flack said...

I just recently went to a cell phone and gave up my land line. I have an android Samsung Galaxy 5 that is a hand-me-down from my son. He and his wife updated, and added me to their plan to make it affordable for me. I agree that there is a very broad learning curve here. The biggest one is learning to carry it with me all the time. I had two land line extensions so a phone wasn't too far away in my house. Now, if I leave my cell in another room, and it rings, it's a mad dash. My old body doesn't dash anywhere anymore!
Good luck with the new phones. And tell that granddaughter that your Butt isn't big! LOL!!

Jenn Jilks said...

So far, we only have a phone for emergencies!
All our computers are Macs!