Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gilies Grove Revisited

You may recall — actually, no, why should you? — that we visited Gillies Grove one very muggy summer day. The grove is an old growth forest, which I don;t think means that all of the trees are ancient, but probably means that many are old and that the grove didn't get logged out back in the day. (That post is here, which is probably more for my reference than yours.)

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, after a few days of cloud and wind. Oh the wind. So we headed about a half hour up the road to Arnprior to visit the grove and to get chips (fries) at Wes'. Alas. I have told you that a part of Canada closes down after Thanksgiving. I didn't expect that Wes' would be among those, but it was.

As it happens, we had a good afternoon regardless.

This was at a stop along the way, at Blakeney. The spot called to me, and when a truck went by, I waited until it was distant in the frame and snapped a picture. It wasn't a pretty truck, but you can't really tell when it is in the distance like this.

Sue at the entrance to Gillies Grove.

Several shots from the trail.

After thoroughly enjoying our walk in the grove, we navigated over the almost adjacent Robert Simpson Park where I took this photo of the Ottawa River,

It was a good afternoon. The colour hasn't been overwhelmingly spectacular this year, but there was enough to enjoy on this day.


Mara said...

It looks like you're right by the sea, not a river. Love the photo with the lorry in it. It adds just that little extra.

Shammickite said...

Love the walk through the grove, with all the lovely fall colours. I think I'll be walking in our local forest this weekend as long as the nice weather holds.

Marie Smith said...

It looks spectacular to me , AC. A great excursion!

Jim Flack said...

Such beautiful pictures. Fall is definitely upon you. Our trees here in central Indiana are just now beginning to turn. Seems late this year.

Joanne Noragon said...

I'm a sucker for roads and for paths. Little used roads, with trucks that have passed.

Debbie said...

Ooooooh, how beautiful, that is so much more color than we have here!!

Chicken said...

Hi AC,

Beautiful shots. Reminds me a little of Walden Pond, where I visited for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The leaves haven't been spectacular here this year either. It was a mild winter-maybe that's why?

Silver Willow said...

Beautiful fall colors! Thanks for sharing!!