Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mostly Burnstown

With fantastic weather yesterday, Sue and I headed out into the boonies to catch some colour.

I programmed our three destinations into GMaps on my computer, and almost instantaneously it asked if I wanted to send the link to my phone. This surprised me, partly because I had only uploaded the app a few minutes prior. But Google knows; Google always knows.

On the phone, I got the message with a link. tapped the link, and the route loaded onto the GMap phone app. And we followed it without hitch all of the way.

This phone. I swear, sometimes it makes me feel as stupid as heck, but at others it makes me feel so darn clever.

The colours were wonderful, but you just drive and ooh and aah because you can't stop, but we finally stopped in Burnstown, and took some pictures of the Madawaska River from the bridge.

These first two are almost the same shot, but there is a slight difference: a dock in the lower right part of the second photo. I just tilted the camera a bit differently.

The same river from a different part of the bridge showing old foundations, for an older bridge, I assume. Could there once have been a dam? I think I vote for bridge.

To the left of the previous photo, the tops of some trees high up on the bank were being nicely lit: the second layer of trees, mid frame.

Loking the other way into the heart of this tiny hamlet, I decided to take a snap of the church.

And then we were off to our second stop, Calabogie. Actually we were looking for a specific spot near Calabogie, but we pulled in at a roadside stop for a few photos first.

Calabogie is also on the Madawaska River. The river looked fine, but the colour on the far bank was muted at this distance.

This person, however, is never muted.

To be continued.


Joanne Noragon said...

My computer guru informed me, years ago, Google owns us. Might as well quit fighting. It does do a good job. Great photos, as usual.

Tabor said...

That last one of your wife is beautiful. She does photograph nicely!

Marie Smith said...

Great photo of Sue. Such a great excursion, AC. Great photos!

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes, she is gorgeous!
Great trip. We met Burnstown when house hunting. I was sorry when they folded the restaurant/music club. We've eaten there several times, and taken an arts tour. Love it! The river is amazing.
My son was a teacher on the Madawaska, for white water kayaking. Great spot!