Thursday, October 12, 2017

Found Again

When we first moved to the area, we somehow stumbled onto a site with a pedestrian causeway and an old but still functional hotel. We even remembered enough about it to manage to find it again in those early days.

Then, we lost track of it. While I could remember the building and the causeway, I couldn't even remember the locks for some reason. If I had, I think I would have been able to track it down again because you can google the locks for pity sakes.

I can remember Shauna and at least one of the kids being with us on the second visit, but she was no help because she couldn't remember the visit at all. Period. We took pictures in those early days, but searching my folders high and low, I could never find them.

This summer, however, a local blogger, Jenn, posted some photos of the place, and I recognized them. The place is Jones Falls Locks, about an hours southish from here and near enough to two other locks, which were in our memory banks — Davis Lock and Chaffey's Lock. We purposed to go back when the time was right, and it was right on Tuesday on a nice day when the leaves were also beginning to look a lot more autumnish.

Let's start with what I clearly remember, Hotel Kenney and the causeway. The hotel is the building on the right.

Here it is again. The picnic table has been tilted on its side because as I said in a previous post, Canada shuts down after Thanksgiving, and this was the day after. At least the more touristy areas tend to close up shop. Finding bathrooms on this day was highly problematic.

Why I had forgotten the locks, I know not, for there are three, which makes it perhaps the one of the most notable of the Rideau Locks. This is the lowest of the three locks.

The same lock from the other side.

From the front with the second lock visible in mid frame, just beyond the two gentlemen chatting on the bench. You can also see the third lock in the background if you just follow the line from the causeway.

Another look from the hotel grounds.

Twp photos of the visitors centre, which, it being after Thanksgiving, was closed. Naturally. More upturned picnic tables in the second photo.

At the top of the locks.

It was a beautiful day, and Milady enjoyed it.

Too many pictures I guess, but I think the place is quite firmly in my memory banks now.


Blogoratti said...

Such a grand looking place, and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!

Silver Willow said...

gorgeous! But I'm not even sure what you mean by locks in this instance. Only locks I know about are on doors/windows. (safes, etc.) Seriously!

Joanne Noragon said...

Never too many pictures.
I live very near the Cuyahoga River, and part of it was the Erie Canal. The old locks and buildings are preserved by the National Park. Open all year. I haven't spent a day taking pictures in a year or more.

Marie Smith said...

It is a great area by the look of it AC and the weather was perfect. The place was yours to explore.

Debbie said...

you can never have too many pictures...what must you think of me??? the 2nd to last, of the reflection, is sensational...but they are all really beautiful!!!

you have a really pretty girl!!!

Haddock said...

Wow.... that house with the foliage looks beautiful.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Not too many photos at all, AC, as I enjoyed seeing all the colors and reading about your remembering too.

Kay said...

What a very picturesque place. I'm glad you found it again. Jenn will be happy to know this. I really love reflection shots.

Regenia said...

Wow, what phenomenal pictures! Looks like it had to have been a perfect day!

MARY G said...

I love Jones Falls. Hey, if you are going to abandon apostrophes, do it with a vengeance! You jad a great day for it and your photos do it justice.

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes, an amazing spot. I like the quiet of the off-season. But watching the paddlers was fun. Glad I twigged you on to it!!!