Monday, December 10, 2012


Actually, it was an ice day, and Danica was off school. Ice pretty well shuts things down, and I swear I shovel more ice than snow in this area. Pity.

After snow early on last night, we experienced freezing rain in the wee hours. So, there was cleaning up to be done today. Of course, by the time we got out there, it was raining wet, but we worked to clear the drive regardless.

JJ was mostly in a sliding mood, but Danica did her best.

JJ was also helping by this point.
We were rewarded with hot chocolate and cookies when we were done.


Mara said...

Shoveling and then hot cocoa and cookies sounds like a nice day. Especially of course the hot cocoa and cookies! Oh, and marshmellows!!

Donna said...

Nothing better than hot chocolate and cookies after all that ice and snow!!

Hilary said...

If not for the ice, the day sounds perfect. It looks as if JJ might have just dropped one of his cookies in his cup. And perhaps you're about to scoop out one of yours.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

If and when we get any snow here (not a usual occurrence) we would provide the hot cocoa and homemade chocolate chips to you and your shoveling assistants, John.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Whoops, Grenville reminded me that you might not be able to get here to the Va eastern shore before it melted :-)

Regenia said...

Such fun! All while creating wonderful memories!

I always enjoy how focused JJ seems to be on whatever he is doing, be it sliding or drinking cocoa.

Too bad there aren't a lot more children across the world who have grandparents in their lives.

Ginnie said...

I have one word that describes it for me. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
I remember those days from my years in New England and even the hot cocoa could never get me warm. You are a rugged (but adorable) bunch up there !

troutbirder said...

A delightful scene of a rather nasty job. Wet snow and slush is sooo heavy to shovel. And dangerous to slip on too.... Yuk!

Gina said...

Oh, those pictures make me want to have snow here!

Well, sort of.