Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow Storm

We have experienced a major storm over the past day and a half — almost a record 40+cm (getting near 1.5ft). It was still falling lightly this morning, but I decided to try for a few photos. I bundled up, and at a windchill of -15°C/5°F, I wasn't cold. However, the wind was blowing fiercely and driving the snow into my eyes, so I turned back pretty quickly.

It was still pretty dark and bleak, and that is reflected in the pictures.

Neighbour was already out shovelling her driveway and her neighbour's (double shared drive).

Snow hung on the branches, but I didn't go far enough to get good pictures.

This is one reason why I don't want a dog — the necessity of walking the critter at all hours in all weather.

The road is snow-covered and quite icy also.

The storm resulted in the third cancellation of school buses in two weeks yesterday, so we've had much time with Daniloohoo lately. The kids is a force of nature, so it may take us awhile to recover.

I wanted to take some pictures of out tv corner with Christmas books and the faux fireplace crackling, but someone soon inserted herself into the action.

I was using a tripod and a slow shutter speed, so this became a unique photo.

Interesting distortion from a wide angle lens. I could correct this in post, but I like it as it is.


Lorna said...

I like it as it is, too.

Ruth said...

That snowstorm kept our daughter from coming home today. She is coming tomorrow instead. We got a light dusting, like icing sugar on the top of a donut. I like the double exposure picture.

KGMom said...

Lucky you, to get snow before Christmas. And, yes, I do like snow.

MARY G said...

We got power back about 4:00 pm after two days in the dark. I have never appreciated light and hot water more.
We had so much wet, heavy snow that a lot of pines broke and one or more must have fallen on the lines down our road. The Hydro guys had to come in with a snow machine and buck through a lot of bent trees to find the break. They sure are wonderful people - what a job!

RVVagabond said...

I love it when people post photographs of snow; I can enjoy it vicariously without the drudgery of cleaning up after it. ;)

Danica in motion; classic.