Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Battiness on Both Sides

I agree with the message on this float, seen at our Santa parade this year.

That declaration might surprise readers in light of my anti-religionist stance proclaimed in a recent post, but it's how I feel. The simple fact is that the Christmas story, whatever you think of its veracity, is part of the general culture of the western world. Putting up a Christian display at Christmas time or greeting somebody with a "Merry Christmas" really should not be offensive to those of other faiths or even those of no faith in my opinion. It's time for a certain brand of atheists like those in Santa Monica, California, who managed to get nativity displays banished, to get off their high horses and stop playing Grinch and start playing Santa. Really, give it a rest and quit being so uptight.

That being said and having taken my swipe at some atheists, I wish to direct your attention to the kind of thing that drives be absolutely batty about religion.

According to this article, the Bristol University Christian Union has decided in its infinite lack of wisdom to prohibit women from speaking or teaching at their meetings. On a university campus of all places. Oh sorry, apparently those flighty females will be permitted to speak as long as it is along with their husbands. How appreciative women everywhere should be of such tolerance.

So here we have a Christian society in the supposedly enlightened 21st century, making a regressive, social decision based on an ancient manuscript. It would be one thing, I suppose, if the manuscript was clear, but it's not. Even I have read enough to know that Paul's famous command in 1 Corinthians for women to keep silent was not made in the body of the text but only in the margins. Beyond that, it seems that most scholars believe that it was later added by a scribe and was not part of Paul's original text: not even in the margins. Really, this should be common knowledge and should inform decisions.

It drives me crazy, I tell ya. I was once an ardent evangelical and know that such doctrine is not exactly core Christianity.

Having vented just a tad, in the spirit of the season, I present a picture of Sue guiding Danica's hand to light the first of the Advent candles.


Mara said...

Women being banned from speaking without the permission of their husbands? When are we? The 19th century??

Love your wife's nails by the way: very pretty.

Ginnie said...

So much hatred and judgemental behavior comes from both sides. I wish we could get rid of them all and just plain learn to live together ... a little love would help too.

Lorna said...

battiness on both sides? at last, equality.

Donna said...

One step forward, 20 steps Backward...

Regenia said...

Wow! I don't feel like my brain can absorb such extreme and (in my opinion) stupid regulations. It is certainly my hope that women are leaving in droves AND that the women family members of the male decision makers are outraged and won't stand for it!

With respect to the Santa Monica situation, I often wonder why people will devote themselves to fight for issues that neither do them harm or really improve or benefit the lives of others. I simply do not see how the Nativity scenes hurt anyone. And I would think the argument will now shift to freedom of speech.

As a woman I find it offensive that in both cases it is men who are deciding they know what should and should not be allowed. (I hope that is okay to say!)

Regenia said...

On a different note, I LOVE the grandmother's hands helping the little girl's hands. Not only a great picture but touching symbolism.

Pearl said...

huh, I didn't know that admonition was marginalia.