Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mostly Danica Videos

Some video from last Saturday for some family members. Danica's two dance classes plus a fiddler at the Kintail Country Christmas. Danica makes an appearance or two in the fiddle video.


Donna said...

My Goodness!!Hahaaa....What Energy!
You need to bottle some of it and mail it South Ac!!

Mara said...

I thought she was going to be like Alice for a moment: right through the looking glass!

I am however a tiny bit jealous of your granddaughter: she gets to learn how to do tapdancing!!

Lorna said...

thanks for this---I feel a bit exhausted, but it was in a good cause. Surely that child sleeps well at night. Maybe there's a lesson in there John.

Hilary said...

Can't this child muster up any enthusiasm? I mean really!

Darn adorable. :)