Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thanksgiving 2

After the feast, the kids dragged Buppa outside to play with them. I resisted the call to play, preferring to shoot them (so to speak). Their wish was to have me judge a calisthenics competition. Of course, I managed tosay that I couldn't choose and that were both winners.

I become nervous about his neck when he does this

Superhero pose

Back inside, the cat proved once again what a dingbat she is. Whenever a pop can is opened she is all over it, clamouring to lick the can. Honestly, it's so silly.

Bedtime: JJ is in a skeleton pj's and cavorting with dad.


Diana said...

Cute pictures A.C. That cat is really pretty too, is it your's?
Love Di ♥

Mara said...

Mine get all in a tizz when I open any type of can, since it might be yummy cat food (it never is though, they throw it up faster than they gobble it up).

I love those pj's! And a little pumpkin where his heart would be. How adorable!

Donna said...

SO cute Ac! When they Call, We Must answr!

Lorna said...

Calisthenics! Is that the word the kids used? Robyn calls all forms of movement "dancing". I love that.