Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Danica's Morning Dances

Mornings can be quite exciting when the kids land. We especially never know what to expect from Danica. She has been wanting to dance lately in the mornings. Having enjoyed beginner dance last year, Danica is taking both Highland and Jazz this year, She is finding Highland difficult (well, I should think so), so tends to move on to other styles, including her interpretation of break dancing, which she hasn't formally been introduced to.

In the following compilation of three videos, she begins with highland, moves on to jazz, and ends with her version of break dancing.


Diana said...

Wow Danica's got it goin' on! First off all what a great way to start the morning! We should all follow her example and I thought the break dancing was the best! I could see that she really felt the beat with that dance.
Secondly, you are privileged to have such entertainment in the morning!
Great video, I wish I could figure all that out! This was fun!
Love Di ♥

Ginnie said...

"Walking with JJ" is a great post. Love the pictures but I have such a slow computer that I can't get the Utube stuff. I'm sure she's adorable though.

Lorna said...

What a trooper! I've just finished reading about people who went into vaudeville because they just loved whatever discipline they were in, and it's easy to see the girl in that mode. She's a lovely person, and pretty connected to her music.

Bernie said...

Danica can really dance.....she has a good beat throughout. I cannot for the life of me remember if I ever had that much energy. What a doll.....:-)Hugs

Regenia said...

I could not get the video to work, although I was able to for her dance recital!? BUT just the idea of joyfully beginning your day with dance seems to capture who that little girl is. She reminds me of my daughter when she was little. She was also one to jump right into life and enjoyed every moment. It's fun to see how both your grandchildren are starting to grow up.

Donna said...

My Word...I'm Pooped after watching this!Hahaaaa
She's really got some get up and Go!