Sunday, October 07, 2012

She of the Wounded Hand

Sue keeps the family much more updated with photos than I, but since she is presently incapacitated with a bad hand, I will try to fill-in by posting more.

She is favouring her hand in the above photo, taken on our rural ramble the other day. She has torn a tendon and barely knows what to do with her hand ... or herself. She finds it difficult to do anything with her hand and has it wrapped most of the time now. We will try to get her a proper splint when businesses re-open on Tuesday after the long weekend.

Petting a friendly cat at Wheelers

Looking into Tim's Blacksmithy

Getting ready to work

Contemplating her miserable hand


troutbirder said...

Ouch! Lets get that tendon repaired. The fall photos are absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing...:)

Diana said...

Yeah it sucks only using one hand!
Love Di ♥

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

AC relay my empathy to Sue on that hand. Of course it is her dominant one.

Regenia said...

That sounds SO painful. I wish her a very easy and quick healing process!

Lorna said...

She of the almost-healed hand sends best wishes for a quick fix.