Friday, October 19, 2012

Ponds, Sticks, Rocks, and Climbing

The word came up in a story, Grampa felt the need to show JJ what exactly a pond was. I am not sure he was too impressed, except for the fact that it was a good target for sticks and rocks.

And there were climbing opportunities around the edge. Such opportunities are the stuff of life, apparently, and must be seized up.

Fortunately, there were many more climbing opportunitieson the way home, for we don't lack for rocks around here.

This climbing made Grampa very tired. Fortunately for him, JJ was then due to spend two days in daycare followed by the weekend. Hopefully, this will give Grampa time to recuperate. Climbing is strenuous after all.


Diana said...

I remember climbing everything myself as a youngster. JJ seemed to be enjoying the adventure, I wonder what he was imagining?!
I hope you get some time to rest grandpa! Love Di ♥

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Next time you are up in the country take him to a beaver pond, in will be so much more interesting than the tidy suburban pond you took him too this time.

I read a blog by a woman who writes children's stories many of which are about the pond she lives by and loves. You might share this with you grandson.

Lorna said...

I got tired just reading.

Donna said...

Hahahaaa....Someday I want you to hand a camera to JJ so we can see IF you are following in his footsteps...Lolol. I Know you are!
He's a doll Ac.
And no, I haven't been taking Any photos lately, too much going on. I DO have a photoshoot this morning though. Maybe that'll help get me back behind my camera again.
We are all so worried about the elections here that we feel like we're in quicksand...time seems to have just stopped. I know it's not a good thing to allow it to invade our daily lives like it seems to have done but...easier Said than done. Oh least I can say I fought the good fight. People will get what they vote for...
SORRY!'s just consuming us.
Have a Wonderful weekend friend!