Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Walk with the Boy

It's time to go on another walk with his nibs. When the three of us walk together, it is usually in tandem: me, Sue and JJ in that order.

On the homeward leg, we walk beside a busy street, but there is a wide median with interesting rocks to climb.

There are also valleys to descend into and explore.

What is he imagining? Is he being a superhero?
There is always something for a boy to investigate thoroughly.

I would like to get in there, Amma.

Occasionally, there are places to hide.

I'm hiding Buppa.

It's not exactly a quick march that we do. lol


Diana said...

I love their imaginations don't you? How is Sue's hand? I hope she is healing quickly. Love Di ♥

Regenia said...

Don't forget the world needs explorers who will both climb up mountains and down into valleys. This is an awfully cure and particularly adventuresome explorer. (I doubt an explorer would appreciate being termed "cute" but how can this NOT be observed?) This set of pictures in my mind would be perfectly entitled "El Explorador".

Donna said...

How cute! What a cute little explorer....

Mara said...

Didn't come here for a week and you have been posting like mad! Love the photos as usual and it seems that boy gets more grown up by the minute. I especially love that photo of him in the hat from two posts ago. What a gorgeous little face. He is going to be a real lady/gentleman killer someday!